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  1. I just want to know when we will get some new news on the Esprit! Come on.. we are dying here.. any news is good news. Right now it seems like everyone is going sour in the Supercar.
  2. o yeah .. when is it.. its only a state away from me!
  3. it looks like the new esprit from the lotus original
  4. how true of this comment. I think if Lotus as a business will only survive if they can adapt to the changes. Some of the changes in the car business is not only sports car. I think Lotus can find a market for a 2 door coupe 2+2. I am confident, that if such a car like that exist in the Lotus lineup, it will succed. And of course, have the standards, leather, a/c, power everything. ABS. etc. for ~$30,000. Another thing that bothers me is the secretiveness of the new Esprit. I understand its a secret and all, but, if the press keeps on getting information of the new car, it can generate media exposure to Lotus. And maybe increase some interest in the company. You have to spend money to make money! That is how you invest. So I think Lotus should just spend money into the new Esprit and make it one hell of car and wait for its investment in the car to pay off. Look at Bugatti and the new 16.4. They went completely over budget and the new car is already sold out for the year. I just want a ferrari killer and porche smoker from the lotus and expect nothing less then out of this world handling. I have always loved the esprit since I saw it in Pretty Women. Its my dream car next to the Zonda. I have defended it with my RICE BURNING FRIENDS and will continue to do so until I can afford one. Until then, Lotus needs to show the world why it was on top of the racing and supercar market. And the new Esprit better be able to whip ass.
  5. I am kind happy that most people dont know what a Esprit is; however, the new Esprit better be aggressive styling and have enough horsepower to compete with ferrari. If we have a f430 killer then I am happy. Yes, Honda has a reputation of being reliable and fast. The NSX is a very nice car and it handles very well. I think lotus needs something like the Bugatti to put it on the map and hopefully its the new Esprit.
  6. Im like frustrated with Lotus but the hypocrit thing is that I dont even own any lotus cars. I know they they are a great company but why are they falling so far behind ferrari, lamboghini, porche, etc. I know they compete but .... grrrr..even the NSX out sell lotus in all the Esprit production. it seems like the Elise is all what lotus has as a car. Maybe Kimbers or somebody with lotus company knowledge can answer this question.. and dont say because of money.
  7. Then why dont lotus go over to japan and say to Toyota, hey there, wanna own half of lotus and help us finacialy and we will build a supercar that no one can compare to in our class? lol.. i wish eh!
  8. Maybe we can submit our pictures to lotus or something because if the new Esprit looks anything close or like the new Europa then lotus have some issues they need to fix.
  9. the front looks like the 80's porche and the end looks like my ass with hemroids
  10. just curious. where can you order a bugatti? or lets say one day when we all become rich... where would i start to look for one.. (i think the old school EB110 SS is my style)
  11. for us US people.. is Danica a real F1 driver?
  12. I love that STI! white or blue is my color
  13. the nsx is nice but the new one is even nicer witch more of an aggressive stance and look however i still take the lotus esprit... by the way, in Motor Trend the magazine, the builder of the M F1 was talking about how bad the Bugatti was built the wrong way. He was saying how it went over budget and how heavy it is and all.. real nice article. Ill try to scan it sometime. I see some jealousy here. the zonda is nice.. dream car.. now where can i find a bank to loan me $600,000 dollars.
  14. just one simpe question. why did lotus quit formula one? and dont say no money either.
  15. If the esprit looks anything close to the elise then *mount affectionately* the new Esprit .. Im just going to save money and buy the older ones.. like the G series, or the v8!
  17. on sale now. Does this car belong to anyone in this forum?
  18. why is it that some esprit post my99 doesn't have a front lip. I thought they all did past 99 or is that an option?
  19. Toua


    then whats a quid? i keep hearing quid this quid that in this forum
  20. isnt the speedster the same thing as a elise?
  21. Toua


    ok 1 american dollar = a british pound 25 cents = ? 10 cents = ? 5 cents = ? 1 cent = ?
  22. i read the post but how did it become a special edition? F1? GT? what did lotus win?
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