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  1. Can someone explain the history of the Essex to me please and how it became a special edition Esprit. Thanks.
  2. why didnt they stick this lotus engine in the new Elises instead of the Toyota GTS engine?
  3. Does any member have an Essex in here.. if you do please post some pics of your sexy CAR! edit: Why does the Essex have a bigger turbo then the v8 Essex: T3 and V8 T25
  4. [qoute] no i dont wish i had one, wouldnt want one ,could afford one, and aint that stupid..... by the way, thats one fookin barry car you got!] <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  5. I drift my car in the snow everyday now since its been snowing. Ill post some of my pics of me in my civic drifting sideways!
  6. Of course the G cars looks better! I use to love the v8 look but then slowly and gradually I am falling for the G cars due to the fact that I like old school sports car with their sharp edges and wedges (can't forget the traditional sports car pop-up headlights)!
  7. i thought the UK didnt get the 300zxTT
  8. What is the JPS edition? Was it turbo?
  9. those rims are and black! nice. Whate model Esprit is that?
  10. High quality wires is a must plus try not to bend them and flex them through walls and other equipments
  11. who here wouldnt take a F40 (as it was the best looking ferrari)? really who wouldnt take one..
  12. I bet that v12 sounded wonderful when it was highly revved
  13. Patpong what do you do for a living in Thailand? You ever go to any Nat Myria's concerts. I love Nat Myria. And is it true that Bird is gay?
  14. When I turn at it starts the clicking noise, it was due to the axle? dont know about Esprits but Hondas for sure
  15. lol. dont get me wrong. There isnt much MR layouts offer in the US. All i know is the MR2, NSX, Saleen S7, Fiero, Vector M12, Esprit, and now the Elise. Im just a fan of the MR layout.
  16. Just one easy question. With the Elise technology in its chasis, why didn't they make the chasis of the Esprit with the Elise material?
  17. I can relate to what Slade is saying! I never cared much about other cars beside the NSX in the US. To be honest, most cars here suck except Saleen S7 but thats way out of the price range. I was concidering a MR2 Turbo. Anyways, when I was 5 and say the movie Pretty Woman, I fell in love with the lotus esprit. I loved it. 13 years later, my passion for the car emerge again. But with time, I started falling for the older model S3, Turbo Esprit, Essex.
  18. Can anyone tell me in more detail why Lotus was going down a few years back and why the Elise saved Lotus?
  19. the only person I wanna meet from england is Angelina Jolie
  20. Great I really dont have to pay attention to a lotus now until im around the age of 31 - 35 the poll says. Trying to be the first person with a Esprit in Wisconsin.
  21. 11/24/2000 Wisconsin first time faults: backing up to fast while on ice.
  22. I have always love the GTR but the Honda NSX is a faster, quicker, and handles better.
  23. thats sad to hear of such talent. i enjoy ralling myself (in the snow, sinces its snowing right now in Wisconsin 2inches)
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