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  1. welcome to the beautiful world of esprit ownership. lots of trouble usaually serious. dont wonrry about it, i too will be soon joining the ranks of these fine lads in spending lots of $$ to fix a nice car.
  2. does robin williams still have his 85 turbo?
  3. Why dont you try a supercharger with a turbo. This is a rare setup actualy but possible to do.
  4. I appreciate the explanation. Real easy to understand and follow. Thanks again.
  5. I know how this feels like. my mitsubishi 3000gt (GTO) I had to remove the stupid airintake manifold just to change the sparks! so stupid for a job that should take less then 5 mins!
  6. my god the essex looks so damn SEXY! i rather take the Essex over the V8... nothing beats old SCHOOL! noobie alert. Whats dry sump and wet sump. can someone please explain the function of the two. thanks.
  7. I know the paine of spending a lot of $$$$ and getting no punani
  8. I love Ali G.... respect!
  9. omg the engine fits. now all you need is the Flux capacitator and you can go back to the past.
  10. Toua

    hedgehog poll

    I remember I wanted one when I was small but my mom said they stink!
  11. Picture this. A bunch of Lamborghinis(small penis) chasing down one Esprit in the countryside. What a site to see.
  12. Wow I would have been like, hell yeah... proud of it! You could keep up with those Ferraris anyday.
  13. Toua

    hedgehog poll

    what do you mean they are gone now?
  14. Have anyone here actually gone fox hunting. Looks real cool but the people look so snobby.
  15. yeah not so long ago like 2 weeks I hit a pheasant.. wasnt really paying attention but the stupid thing just kept walking in the middle of the road and didnt fly.
  16. I just read in the USA Today that since last year in the UK there has been this law saying that the dogs can't kill the fox? Wasn't that the tradition for over 100 hundreds of years?
  17. So I read the thread about the Fearless Red Squadron, now there's the White Clan? Pretty soon everyone will be in their own clan, and then segregation will start happening.
  18. did the 5th gear ppl really get fired from top gear?
  19. the elise 111r is faster then the 240R?
  20. they work well until the clouds start showing up and it starts to rain!
  21. I was interested in buying an Elise bc its affordable for one thing. Does anyone know if the Exige is going to come to the US?
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