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  1. Its been in my mind lately? and WHY?
  2. I dont get the MAG EVO so please what does it say? I bet it some sh@t talking! haha
  3. didi honda really copy the rear end of this for its nsx?
  4. is it the stock transmission or did they take our advice and got the quaffie? stock is going to blow up.. hopefully the syncros goes right into on of their eyes!
  5. wow its nice to know that esprit wont be build in malaysia
  6. i have one of those sitting in the backyard!
  7. or would you like to use one of your three life lines? 1. call a friend? 2. ask the audience? 3. 50:50 elimination?
  8. All my comments are gone! ADMINS!!!!
  9. Toua


    i actually prefer it on the right side of the car! looks a lot cooler down here then it is up there bc everything here is left handed drivers. Importing? sure why not; it will just cost any extra S1 price to ship it over!
  10. Toua


    What are S4s going for now of days? US currency
  11. thats ugly
  12. or you can do what I do, dip it into liquid nitrogen and everything will be a ok for the winter! Then, when summer comes around, let it thaw.
  13. OK i have mitsubishi 3000gt (gto), so slade what you are saying is that i can get a 86 HC for 10K... lol how about an S4s ? How much are S4s running now of days?
  14. I know .. i spun out twice in a FF in the snow trying to E-brake drift! Actually im good at the now! Another time my civic went up the curve and my axles are bent and ball joints are gone!( just fixed them this past week) Now I think I'm ok now with my skills! It takes a little accident to learn from my mistake!
  15. Is it just me or does this forum hate the other forum! Why don't they come to this forum.. or is it gonna be like another yahoo lotus club if they do?
  16. woman like fast cars! (or at least they look fast) My point is this; swoooosh! everytime you change gears! (blow off valve is a must!)
  17. I have been hearing that the GT3 is the best handling Esprit? is that true? and why?
  18. or play Gran Turismo 2 and get the special Esprit GT1
  19. go tell that to your Euro people who makes up all these stupid car rules like "no pop up headlights"! or do what I do and say, "SCREW THIS SHIT" im going to mod my car to have pop up headlights bc no one is going to know! bc i can just say that it is stock, and to bad for them legestlatures! there is no law against modding your car to have pop up headlights! only at the factory are they not able to put pop up headlights as stock, but lotus could have like a little kit for people who want pop up headlights, but it would just void the warrenty on the lights! that sounds good to me!
  20. yeah! like my 97 hp civic can blow any Esprit away!
  21. we definetly need pop-up head lights! btw it seems like new lotus can't compare to looks to the old one.
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