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  1. By the way, with the whole communist thing.. well it goes like this! The Students are called red guards! They were basicly used to harrest citizens!
  2. got any pic of the new lotus soon to be?
  3. I'm serious about this!.. I took asian history last year spring!
  4. i can help take that elise away from you, with pleasure too!
  5. are you the one with the sti in the garage?
  6. slade how old are you again? what MY is your esprit? how much did it cost you? I think right now if after college.. and have $$$ I'll get a S4s
  7. well you can start with the matchbox cars
  8. did you know hong kong is the only city allowed to vote for their leaders bc hong kong is such a big Market for china the communist lets them keep their democratic ways.. but the comnies threaten them all the time if they go to far.. hehe.. nice eh.. knowing that when you speak to far you can end up missing tomorrow.. hehe.. reminds me of the time when the communist first came to power and sent the college students to the country to threaten all the country ppl..!
  9. I would like to know how much horses people are pumping out of their Esprits? plus gives us your mods too.
  10. A boxer engine producing 300hp running 13secs is fast to me!.. I am a subaru fan.. going to buy one when i get out of college soon..! cant afford an Esprit YET... so I have to settle for alternatives
  11. yeah like this .' ' ' ' . | | | | .' ' . ||| ||| ||| ||| &| _ |& | | | | | | | | (___| |__)
  12. OK this is pissing me off.. Today I went into this used car dealership to test drive this 88 corolla SR5. The dealer is like I can't let you test drive because I am here by myself; I need to be in the car with you. I was like thinking to myself "IF you cant trust me with the car, then I should trust you as a dealer!" right? am right or wrong? I can understand if it was like an Esprit or something but this is an 88 corolla...! come on!
  13. yeah but I bet theres a whole bunch of people with nice lexus, since almost all of the new lexus line ups are 300hp +
  14. I really want to go down to Chicago and go to Fox Valley Motorcars and test drive this baby! I highly doubt they'll let me though!
  15. why didnt they use the vvtl engine instead of the vvt because you get the "lift" in the vvtl.
  16. Lotus should somewhat keep the lotus wedge and make it look somewhat like the new ferrari f430 but more lotus looking!
  17. damn.. nice car.. nice specs.. too? confused about the 'unequal wishbone' can someone please enlighten me on that.. and whats the advantage/disadvangtage to that? thanks.. let me guess.. they dont sell those cars in the US right edit: whats the going price for one of these.. wouldnt this engine be nice in a lotus?
  18. I know its an Ascari but i wanted specs!
  19. anyone got info on this car
  20. where did you that? sources please? I hope we get the new v8 supra engine Twin Turbo.. that would put a smile on my face..
  21. damn it stop teasing me with v8 stuff! i cant afford one yet!
  22. I live 160miles from chicago? you gonna bring up your lotus? if you ring me up for a test drive please!
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