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  1. how fast was that jaguar xj220?
  2. the new Z06 is pushing 500hp and 500lbs of torque from that little v8!
  3. what year is your prelude? is it SH or SI?
  4. OK i figured it out.. since my car weights around 2000lbs and me in it 2135lbs.. with 736hp ill be running 8sec. 1/4mile! So is there a kit for me to stick that engine in my car? please help
  5. Why dont they just use the same kind of technique used on the Elise chasis to do the same thing on the Esprit. IF the Elise can weight 1600lbs dont you think the Esprit can weight in 2500lbs?
  6. My friend has one with a supercharger.. its fast bc of its light weight but to be honest.. its styling CANNOT compare to an Esprit! its not a RARE car if thats what you are going for.. for me im going for the HANDLING.. RARERITY..POWER.. CHICK magNet Car.!
  7. dont worry just toss some rice in the gas tank and burn rice as fuel.. what do you think all those rice boys are doing..
  8. I never heard of anyone putting propane as a cooling system for their car.. isn't this stuff dangerous .. i mean one little accident and BBBBOOOOOOOOOMMM! *modified* How can Nos be used as a intercooler.. I thought Nos was used to cool the engine down and give it boost...What I mostly see is people using a Intercooler and then use nos as a boost and not using nos as an intercooler and boost.. that means you have to be constantly using NOS to cool the turbos.. but how would that work? shed some lights please?
  9. If lotus can afford to build a v-8 engine why can't they afford to build a transmission.. engine = transmission + head. I dont get it? can someone help me on this issues.. I know its a small car company but they build engines for GM why can't they build a transmission?
  10. WHAT! when did pop up headlights become illegal?
  11. You know I think maybe because she's just
  12. they discontinued the NSX this year and is working on the new v-10..! V-10 4.0L lotus twin turbo sounds nice to my ears.. doesnt it to you guys?
  13. you know why he wont let you test drive. because something is prob wrong with it or he thinks that you are poor and cannot afford one or else the company is a bunch of snobs!
  14. I just found out that the NSX has stop production this year.. and they are building a v-10 NSX.. how about a v-10 in a lotus?
  15. i would never buy a car that i havent test driven!.. if he doesnt want your business go some where else and come back with that esprit and slap it in his FACE!.. thats what i would of done!
  16. Just wanna know what language (computer language) are you using to build this forum?
  17. When the 4 turbos kick in.. he's gone baby! I would choose the SS model over any Lamborghini or Ferarri except.. the only car I choose over the EB110 is the Pagani Zonda Roadster
  18. Well my carear is no problem as I know I can get any job with my degree and skills.. its just that the gf is like I wanna live in London .. fashion capitol! blah blah blah.. I dont care about that stuff! Well plus Esprit hometown.. anyways.. holy $hit.. 40% tax! .. wow!.. gas over here is like $1.68 per gallon! thats unleaded. PREMUIM is $1.80 per gallong thats only 98 octane though. I almost got married 3 months ago.. I took her to my grandmas place to do some asian tradition stuff and then she backed out and called her mom to pick her up.. now her mom said she wont let me marry her anymore.. lol.. ! dont we just love the in-laws! cheers for me!
  19. Why not keep the existing Engine and drop the Quaife transmission in it and boost it up to 15psi so we can get around 400-450hp p.s. NEEDS pop up headlights!
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