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  1. I prefer the mr2 with the 4age engine and got the 3sgte engine.. 4age is bullet proof plus you can get that baby to 10,000rpm redline with 240hp.. all N/A nice little engine you know..
  2. I would to see one in real life! how low is that car?
  3. Umm well to tell the truth .. getting married soon! (scary you know). I think my girlfriend is getting a gig for modeling in UK..(she wants to join Victoria Secrets or whatever). Well anyways I think she wants me to move with her to the UK. To get to the point. Is london expensive to live in? Whats the cost of living there? You know how it is right guys. First i say no we are not going there.. then she says yes we are.. then im like no. then when she says in a voice that you know if you say no one more time she is gonna rip your heart out.. then you say Yes dear, you know I will support you in anything.. even if that includes moving to London.. the fashion city of your dreams.. (why is it that we, or maybe just me, dont have the guts to stand up to woman like that!)
  4. seen what the M12 or EB110 .. US or UK?
  5. thats right LIKE how i spend LIKE $20k a yeah right?
  6. Have anyone one seen a Bugatti EB110 in the UK? I dont think in the US we have such a nice car! yeah.. americas first exotic .. Vector M12.. Price: $184,000 Miles Per Gallon: 9/13 mpg Curb Weight: 3600 lbs Layout: Mid-Engine/RWD Transmission: 5-Speed Manual Engine Type: V12 Displacement: 5700 cc Horsepower: 490 bhp @ 6800 rpm Torque: 425 lb-ft @ 5200 rpm Redline: 7600 rpm Performance 0-60 mph: 4.8 sec 0-100 mph: 10.0 sec Quarter Mile: 12.8 sec @ 113 mph Skidpad: .92g Top Speed: 190 mph Braking, 60-0 mph: 123 ft Slalom Speed: 65.9 mph
  7. no just bored out of my mind. I cant sit still. .i need to read or like learn more.. it just sucks to waste your life away not learning or trying something new.. I lke to know and learn.. and use what i learn (wisdom) on the real world
  8. Is there any new news on the lotus Esprit! I read just about everything in LEW about it but I need more new news.. cant stand it anymore! more information... im like a computer.. cannot compute! awww... need more data.. more 1 and 0's. or else how about this code #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { for(;; { cout << "infinite loop" << endl; } } enjoy this code *p.s. for any non programmers.. it just goes on forever on your screen until you hit CTRL + BREAK. or if your computer illiterate.. it goes on forever and ever and ever! enjoy!
  9. I thought the early mr2 rev up to only 6000rp - 7000rpm
  10. i think my call sign would be "Vietcong" or "Guerilla"! (im not vietnamese by the way)
  11. I guess if Yoda saw you Simon he would say, "Sexy, you are!"
  12. pretty soon in china you can have the a poisonous fish like the Japanese Puffer.. enjoy the sushi in china
  13. I use gloves with my girlfriend all the time in the car! *wink wink*
  14. 92 Honda Civic Hatchback VX cost: $2000 1.5L 4 Cyl 92hp @ 5500 97lbs of torque @ 4500 curb weight: 2000 Fuel Capacity: 11.9 gal *** GAS MILEAGE: 47/56 manual trans *** Description: NO A/C, NO Power Stearing, NO Cruise Control. JUST LIKE MY LITTLE CIVIC....
  15. Amazing that it can still pump out 600+ horses
  16. I know there are only two planes I want to fly... F-15A and F-22 Raptor.. now the raptor is the top notch fighter the USAF has.. this baby kicks ass!
  17. Yeah in the asian culture we have to take care of our parents! I want to too because of all shit they have done for me! Yeah thats true too .. you do have to make your opportunity open up like and EDUCATION. Yeah I dont feel sorry for people who will be flipping burgers for the rest of their life. They deserve it since they put themselves there.. no one put them there but themselves!
  18. I wanted to fly this F-15 too! damn it! stupid pilot dream.. wtf was I thinking!
  19. The sergeant was like this to me. I dont have any flying experience and they have only 80 slots in the world to fill up. And those 80 slots are reserved for only the best of the best. How am I going to cope with that. Plus flying school is expensive. I can barely pay for college. I don't want to be like 25 and then become a pilot. Well I really REALLY want to fly since I was kid. I have a 3.5 gpa at college. I have great standings all that is blocking me is EXPERIENCE and EYE SIGHT! Eyes sight is no big problem just the stupid experience. I thought they would train me to fly but hell no! I got rejected the second they said do you have experience and I said no. He's like nope you dont qualify! I was thinking to myself.. holy shit what a prick!
  20. DAMN right..! take care of yourself first before you take care of someone else! to me ...> you never existed, if no one remembers who you are!
  21. I think I have a right for some inputs in this thread. First off, my background is like this. My mom makes about $16,000 (poverty level in the US) and my dad makes about $34,000 (not even near middle class) and I go to a private school that cost about $20,000 a year. I have about $5000 - $7000 loans each year that I take out plus finacial aid plus grants plus scholorships.. * ~ reason why I am in school ~ * LIKE all you guys said, try to get a better paying job with my education then your average citizens. It is also true that there is such a thing as a POVERTY TRAP.. most family that are stuck in the group, their children do not go to college or a tech school, however; like me, my family does everything to keep me going to school. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother, so a total of 7 people in the family. If we think about this, MORTGAGE payments, and BILLS, I am proud of my parents of how hard they work to keep the family going and making ends meet. I just think that it is a load of shit how some people that have the opportunity to get a higher level of education do not take that opportunity, and waste their life away flipping burgers. That opportunity should go to the less fortunate who really CAN make a difference in their lives. Most of these people are just waiting for that chance, but it never comes to them. All in all stupid people who dont even benefit the society should be shot to death or force to work in concentration camps! *modified* I understand if your an immigrant that just came to the country, who doesnt know the language or an immigrant that comes from a under develope country, and doesnt benefit the society; its ok, but your children, if they are still young, should have no reason not to go to college or some form of a higher level of education! I respect parents who doesnt know have much education and support their children in school! these are the true heroes we need to praise!
  22. well how about a 97bhp 1555cc engine willing to swap for one week any Esprit!.. 920.912.4703 just ask for Toua
  23. I dont think so because when I put my cd changer into my car I used the side of panel but since it looks like it is screwed to the floor, i dont it is screwd to the floor..
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