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  1. I'm with you Karl on the Supra.. that engine is bullet proof
  2. I like bmw.. my brother-in-law has a 2003 M3 and that fucker pulls hard and fast!
  3. the shifting gear knob on pre new dashes.. look horrible.. reminds me of my 91 celica gt
  4. are registered kit cars.. more or less expensive to insure?
  5. let them blow the esprit away.. at least you still have your POP-UP headlights.. (thats something they dont have!)
  6. I'll try on my RELIABLE civic for good practice.. in case this happens o me! (knock on wood)
  7. I didnt know you can buy Nobles in the US. I thought you can only buy the shell of the Noble. and not the complete car.
  8. in other words.. Microsoft! lol
  9. in other words.. EA games! lol!
  10. whats turbostrop? pics?
  11. I just love how you come and attack them S car owners..
  12. wayne.. I love the decal.. it gives it a nice little warning to them rice boys! and I love your color.. they are jealous it looks good on your G-car!..
  13. I have read some post lately where you can shift without using the clutch.. is that possible.. (as i real call some esprits owners had to done this).. and how do you do it?
  14. I think we are getting them this year...
  15. People, the beach isn't all that good. trust me, I live a few blocks away from it! It's only good if the beach has no snow(try going with about 8 inches to the beach, lets see how fun it is), and glaciers petruding out from it!
  16. saying what you just said, I had to ask.
  17. is it just me or the does the SE door handle look like cheap shit! looks god damn ugly
  18. you want brazilian... you lucky brits..victoria secret's hq is station in the UK! VS girl..forgot this brazilian bombshell's name she would look hot next to the sexy curves of the G cars!
  19. come to wisconsin and you'll see a lot of this
  20. your beach in Aus. reminds me of my beach right now except for the snow and the frozen lake!
  21. This show is awesome plus they have this one brittish guy on there.. its like american idol but instead of singing.. there are a bunch of funny inventions.. and horrible stupid ones..
  22. I have to say CA are the best! they are very hot and lack brains.. which equals to a quick one nighter.. but that one nighter is fun!
  23. my dad had a mkII supra turbo and couldn't drive it in the snow bc or the RWD, so he traded it in for a truck..5 years later the truck did flips in the ditch!
  24. are carbs good for maximizing rpm or fuel injection better? example.. lets say I want to make my rpms go all the way to 10,000rpms?
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