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  1. OK just got done talking to a Sergeant.. here it goes 1. I dont have flying Experience! 2. only 80 slots are available 3. those 80 slots are giving to only the BEST of the BEST (that includes flying experience.. whichi I dont have any) 4. I dont have a my wings! 5. this guy talked like a prick! 6. I was thinking about becoming an officer as a programmer! but his bitch ass muda flubber talking like a prick made me decide not to join the stupid military.. im just going to be happy being a programmer making more $$$$ then those stupid jerks!
  2. Well i looked at the thing i fail at is the eye sight.. i have shitty eye sight.. they need 20/70 far corrected to 20/20 and 20/40 near to 20/20 ..I failed!.. damn it.. well i need to ask the recruiter if i sign up, will they pay for the bill
  3. what the xj220 uses that v6 turbo engine?
  4. who cares about toyota im talking about lotus
  5. my civic hatch has a full cat-back with no Cat. converter.. sounds great!.. passes emmissions in the US! 10hp : ) for my little civic.. 97hp 97lbs of torque (stock) 2000lbs (love this weight) 400lbs heavier then the elise.
  6. If lotus didnt make a roadster why not make a T-Top lotus.. I think a T-Top lotus would look awesome!
  7. yeah im talking to a recruiter this coming up tuesday.. see what he says.. well im gonna be an officer.. better then enlisted you i dont know..i really want to be an officer.. 4yrs ill be like a O-4 .. which pays around $50K-$68K a year.. so i think i can afford a little esprit of my own.. so yeah.. hope i make it.. wish me luck!
  8. I think I am going to join the US airforce as an Officer and become a pilot since im getting my 4yr degree soon. what do you think guys? I am shooting pilot or nothing at all.
  9. hes right its the corvette 8' from the bonnet? looking like honda my as well by a Geo Metro
  10. If I had one I would call it 'WTF' YES wtf I would call it.. like you people say.. not a lot of people would know it so they would ask me "What The Fuck is that?" I would say "The fuck its Lotus" then they would say "What The Fuck is Lotus?" then I would say "A Fucken Car Maker" then they would say "Never Fucken heard of it!" I would say "Of course not dumbFuck!" ..then they will say "What the Fuck is your problem!" I would say "What the fuck!"..
  11. I am a agressive driver. I see the road as a circuit. Every turn gots to be a heel-n-toe and every down shift has to be double clutch. The closes racing school is in Chicago.. dont really wanna go there. I have been driving since 16 now almost 21. I have driving FF, FR, MR. I got to say though the MR is my favorite for its tail slide. Very nice quick tail kick for drifting the corners..(recommend big tires). Well I think in 5 yrs Ill be able to get a lotus Esprit.. I can prob. get a Elise in 2 yrs but I dont want a Elise.. JUST the Esprit!..something about the V8 Twin Turbo just sounds better.
  12. the 90 300zx is not popup headlights.. plus the TT version is fun but i just dont like it its handling.. the design is ok but the engine is to compact to work on.. go look at the TT engine..where can i fit my fist in there? i heard it has a cooling problem though because of its compact design.. i have a mitsubishi gto .. but not the vr-4 TT.. the car handles well but not enough juice.. just have to wait for my esprit someday...some long day... maybe to long...
  13. wouldnt it be wise to make variable valve timing in the lotus? more horsepower and emissions safer? whats the disadvantage of variable valve timing?
  14. i think the flare wheels make the esprit look aggressive... real gt1 look alike! im a big GT1 fan and F1..over here in the states.. most people are like NASCAR.. nascar is so stupid! look everyone im turning left.. left.. left.. going in circles takes real skills! I like Mikes flare fenders better.. someone should come up with a GT1 bodykit.. i would love to buy one once i get my esprit someday.
  15. i remember last year lotususa had a forum. I was wondering if anyone in here actually register in there? this pop into my mind out of nowhere but when i was thinking about my civic.. i remember there was this guy who said his civic was pushing out 800hp and running this turbonetic turbo pushing 400hp and stuff like that.. he was like talking shit about the esprit left and right.. then when the Admin went to do some research on the parts he listed.. some of them didnt even exist! eventually he got banned.. but it was funny.. great moments in time back then..(last year! )
  16. Whats the hardest technique to learn in professional racing?
  17. we dont get the honda civic type r.. they closes thing to a type r is the Integra Type R and RSX type S.. or else you could do what my friends do and swap a Type R into a civic and u have one fast ass car.. can even compete with lancers and sti's
  18. Toua

    I Changed my Mind

    the z3 sounds like my honda civic with a swap b18c5 motor (type r).. wait my bad.. a swap b18c5 in my hatch runs 13 secs stock!.. much faster then the m roadster.. got to love hondas for their dependable engines..(by the way.. honda torques sucks ass!)
  19. my civic 92 hatchback VX with 110,000 miles cost me $2000.. so it was a nice bargain. my lovely college car..
  20. the closeses dealer is in chicago.. i've been there a couple of times just driving around the lot slowly looking at all the lotus cars..and lamborghinis.. i still love the esprit and would not buy another sports car! i need to muster up some courage and go talk to the dealers.. i mean come on .. 350hp at 6500 rpms.. 295lbs of torque at 4200 rpms.. i just wanna slam on the gas and go all out... this thing got to have great handling plus a lot of traction because of its mid-engine design.. the tires are big so i really dont have to worry about grip.. i only have to worry about my driving skills.. maybe i should look around for the closest club.. i think the closes is in MN i think or Chicago.. dont really know..
  21. how hard is it to make flare fenders like the esprit gt1..? does anyone here have it on there cars? if you do have much did it cost to get it done? is there like a body kit we can just buy for flared fenders?
  22. Does anyone know why Toyota cancel the production of the MR2?
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