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  1. i live in the US. I dont have either bbc nor channel 5.. hehe. sorry for the mix up
  2. I was thinking the same thing too bc its either my fuel system or my sparks.. ok thanks ill take a look at it on the weekend.. mean while ill just keep hoping it still pulls.. hehe
  3. You should give some tips to BBC eh? lol GO tell it to 5th gear how to do it right!
  4. when I am driving actually and switching gears sometimes.. but mostly when i come down to a slow speed then when I push on the gas, the car seems to stall for 1-2 secs then I can feel the power pulling my car. please help anyone.
  5. Toua

    200 mph Esprit

    Its just funny you know, if you dont know anything about a certain car, about not taking advice from the manufactuer who actually BUILT the cars. Well those bone heads deserved it. Where is the car now and is the project still up? sorry i dont have BBC here...
  6. Sometimes when I am driving my Civic Hatchback and step on the gas it stalls a little bit and i dont feel the car pulling, but after like 1-2 secs the power comes back on again. I was wondering if the fuel injectors were blocked or plugged up? Any solutions.. haven't looked at the fuel injectors yet bc to busy going to work and school..
  7. Jimmy how about passing that girl over to me please! Single and looking!
  8. You are right .. the time was 1:31.9 that bastard !!!
  9. Is it just me, or is it that funny. I mean the esprit, out of the factory does 175+, how hard is it to make it go 200+ mph. Get the Quafie transmission(6spd) and a little turbo boost plus blow off valve and some nice tires and there you have it!.. how hard was it to get that Esprit to 200? The car itself is fsat enough and performance like its on rails.. its a predictable car when it comes down to handling. So why did they fail? <---- Please answer this anyone.. shine some light here please.
  10. Toua

    To Karluck29

    You got any shots of your esprit.. it looks like a custom bumper you have on that esprit.. i was wondering if you have a full kit and would like to see some pics
  11. When your using propane to cool your turbos.. isn't that dangerous or what? This guy should of stuck to the water intercoolers... much safer and more cost effective! Can someone please shed some light on this propane thing.
  12. Yes I know that the Esprit has some hp problems with the transmission. What I am confused about or I think I know is that the Esprit can 350hp at the WHEELS right?
  13. I was reading some info about the US Esprit and was wondering if it's true that the US Esprit 02+ does not have the Sport 350 ECU unlike the UK speck.. I just want a confirmation on this.
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