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  1. ok ok... so does the Esprit really reach 175mph as advertise?
  2. gt3 is not the way to go.. turbo esprit is! its so much more sexier than the gt3 you can go here for more specs
  3. plagirism is a bitch! do that in school, and your banned for life from every damn college or work!
  4. i grew up with the AE86 (corolla), mkII supra's, 80's MR2, 240sx (datsuns) old school cars.. never really liked american cars. no offense
  5. same here.. I have been a vivid pop-up headlight supportor on this forum.. and screw power steering (unless parallel parking!).. long live them sharp edges!
  6. I heard it was gonna be a m5 engine.. is that right?
  7. I love budweiser.. and corona.. I hate heinaken! I hate MIller, red dog.. cheap beer! love the the 151 proof (EverClear) ..good with the ladies * ~ wink ~ *
  8. well I need to replace my sparks, so I was wondering if I am running rich or lean.. how can you tell in a car?
  9. ok, im doing a compilation of all my gfs.. 20+ gfs in my life time!
  10. Toua

    Island for sale

    its a great investment.. in 1 million years, you will have your own country.
  11. KJAKK - is that beer in your avatar good? is it better then Budweiser?
  12. Yes, I can also relate to the over-heating in the rx-7. My friend's TT rx-7 rotary got overheated and the turbo was.. lets say.. gone! I was also looking to buy one though.. a FC instead of a FD
  13. just like every other car you rather buy one with it MY2002+ there isn't much problems but from what I learn from all the nice tech ppl in this forum. It has a weak second gear and the transmission can hold about 400hp safely.. (give or take a few hp) well most Englishmen in here are pretty tall (average about 6ft' 2 - 6ft' 6), so there isn't much of a problem. just a tight squeeze!
  14. Shah - when tegien was here, I actually thought he was funny and, well to be honest, he was a realist. the truth does hurt a bit but he needed to be more careful of the words he choosed to say!
  15. well owning a honda civic, I plan on swapping my stupid y15 motor for a b16A2 or b18C1 or B18c5(type r motor)! its not such a bad thing but I think it should be kept in the family brand name.. Honda for a Honda .. not a Honda for a Toyota!
  16. if the new esprit looks like this, I am really glad I prefer the G cars over this! (great another elise look a like)
  17. yes, understood.. another question, can i just become royalist by making myself a lord ?
  18. The esprit doesent sound like a supercar at ALL!
  19. It's an honor knowing I influence you this much
  20. STOP! what did I miss here... damn it! I knew I shouldnt gone to MN. can someone PM the post I miss.. is it about the lotus engine?
  21. Shah - your engine looks pimp man! pretty good looking 4 banger
  22. do carburators stall? fuel injection kind of sucks for me.. i have bad luck with them.
  23. Royal pain in the A** hopefully no reference to our fellow Englishmens
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