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    Lotus watch

    the lotus watch looks so cool with them Orange brake pad look alike! plus it looks like dials in a lotus car you can also time your 0-60secs! it has the seconds and minutes and other gizmo's that I dont even know what it's telling me
  2. believe it or not, I know this one couple where she was 13-14 and married a 30+ year old guy!
  3. Mazda isn't that bad you know! They need to revise the RX-7
  4. I can relate to that slade! I hate parallel parking in my civic; HOWEVER, I am glad I drive a small car because I can see everything aound me! There is only a small blind spot in which i have to turn my head to see
  5. My car doesn't have A/C - so I wouldn't care if my lotus had it or not.. I dont use A/C anyways - even in California when I rented cars I never used A/C I don't have power steering.. I dont like power steering I don't have cruise control, so my legs get tired on long drives - one time to california (3 days it took!) I love that my car weights only 2000lbs.. all i need now is a b18c1 0r b18c5 motor!
  6. I know about spark plugs but im lost on the gapping of the spark plus.. how much apart am I suppose to gap that one metal piece with the plug
  7. Toua

    Lotus watch

    looks great! Where can we buy one? I'm gonna make Joy buy me one.. I have a fetish with watches.. I love watches! I hate digital watches.. there is no beauty in that!
  8. Why is everything in UK starts with Royal. Example: Royal Air Force, Royal Airmail, Royal Subjects, Royal ..etc
  9. yeah its my VX, saves lots on gas thats for sure.. but it really lacks horspower and torque! maybe bc i need a new sparks but it stalls then it kicks.. something is wrong with the engine.. around 1-2k rpms it stalls and the engine shakes like crazy
  10. i lost the cap at the gas station.. i left it on top of my car and went off and whe i realized it.. it was to late! how much space am I suppose to have on the spark plugs.. any suggestions? --really am a noob to sparks
  11. As a young teenager injected with asian influence.. I too am a 4 bangers' best friend. I once met this redneck who said 4 cylinders dont exist.. I was shocked. I liked how lotus was different from other companies. I liked the lightweight practicality (thats why i have a hatch), handling, apealing design (so what if it looks like a door wedge). I do feel sorry for lotus if they are making the v8 just for us "yanks" over here! O yeah, about the Elise, do they really have problems selling it over here.. I would love to own one.. I wouldnt give a rat's ass about the road noise, hard ride, and all its other faults as long as i know i can out perform all those corvettes, porche, ferarris in town..including them sti and evos!
  12. Yeah, I have a 93 3000gt with 92,000miles on it.. dark Green 5spd.. good condition..its all payed off so I dont really want to get rid of it...but for a Turbo Esprit.. anyday! Wow that sucks, I really wanted a Carb one too with dry sump .. good for high revving..wanted to modify to rev like 10,000rpms! (as if i can afford it in the first place..Stupid Initial D influence!) yeah, I like the HC, it looks nice. Even if the compression was only raised up to 8:?:?.. high tec back in the daysk! I want that big ass TURBO ESPRIT standing out!.. I need to put that decal on my CIVIC. That gold decal looks awesome..without it.. the car kinda.. sucks. I think thats one of its best features just like the stripes on the Essex.. by the way, did the US get the Essex. wouldnt mind this one either Thats gay, I want a Turbo Esprit though.. it has the cool side skirts .. I believe the s2 - s3 dont have it. The turbos look better too.
  13. I have narrowed down the G car I want.. either the Turbo Esprits from the 80's or one like Slade's Turbo Esprit HC (in red). Never had much or no experience with Carbs before and dry sump. So it is somethin I have to learn on the way. But the T3 Garret turbo sounds entising..8psi stock eh.. is it safe to push it to 10psi. I know for my civic, it can only handle 6psi before everything goes KABOOOM! How much is that gonna run US curreny.. I know i can get like $8000 - $7000 for my 3000gt(GTO in UK) and $2500 for my civic.. I can afford it if its around $10,000.. knowing all the problems I keep reading about the later Esprits, I need a well kept one.. (since I am a newbie to owning one!) classic insurance for $200 (wow! you got some good rates.. or super clean record!) .. is that full coverage? I would be driving it everyday as a daily driver, so for example, I put about 1,000 - 1,500 miles on my civic a month just commuting to College! I dont think my insurance (American Family Insurance) is going to give me that good of deal for kClassic. Is there like a limited miles you can have on the car every year? With an Esprit, who knows how many more gf's i can get!
  14. its a 92 civic hatchback vx
  15. Yeah, I do need to check my sparks...I think it is my sparks because when I shift gears for a sec it loses like power (stall sometimes) then kicks in the power...
  16. dont worry slade, asian guys are known for this
  17. Toua

    Management Lesson

    I was watching "Law & Order" lastnight. There was this guy banging his superior and making LOTS of $$$. But she killed him!
  18. Every morning when I start up my car and put it into gear, I step on the gas pedle and the car seems like it does not have enough power or gas to move. It is like a huff and puff all the way through 1000rpm and 2000rpm (currently on 1st and 2nd gear). It started doing that yesterday. Could it be because I lost my Gas cap?
  19. Yes, I do admit California Girls are reall HOT! In the malls, (maybe because they have to look good going to the outside world) fine woman everywhere. I haven't gone to the beaches, so I can't comment on that, but just knowing all them fine woman out there... it has to be hot!
  20. Yes, I am looking to sell my Mitsubishi 3000gt and my Civic for a G-car but there isnt one for sale anywhere.. got any good places.. whats the insurance on one of those.. preferably s2-s3 80's - G series..!
  21. How come I cannot find a model car of a v8 Esprit? Does anyone know where I can get one?
  22. thank you.. you want to see the bigger pic go here dog eater
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