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  1. 2+2 is a great idea.. the new aston with 2+2 looks great!
  2. My impression of California (Sactown area) is like this.. in the spring - its ok.. at least there is some green (to much rain sometimes) in the summer - the color green is synomonous with yellow in the winter - it sucks!
  3. 2+2 Esprit sounds prety cool actually. I wouldnt mind buying a 2+2 Esprit.. be looking fierce in one you know.. a sedan sports car in the high 12secs low 13's! Pimping!
  4. Im in Wisconsin, by the lake. No Esprits here, I see a lot of Porches and Ferarris but no Esprit.. Saw one Elise (so sexy!)
  5. M Blur - What's the best racing technique we should learn or know?
  6. I would love to come to a meet.. just dont mind my little honda civic! Give me a ring sometime
  7. I think I am going to go this year. I only live about 25mins away from it. Hope to see some Esprits and any members
  8. Do you have the Veilside Millenium Supra Bodykit?
  9. All my life, I haven't seen an Esprit on the road and I'm 21! 21 years of Esprit drought. So, how often do you see them in the UK? Are they rare too?
  10. I finally bought a matchbox car of the esprit.. yeah!
  11. In the states, we dont have the Type R, never did for the civic hatch!
  12. KIMBERS, No.1 questions from the states. Is the Type R hatch coming to the States?
  13. Ask Kimbers, he is the Honda Man! I love the hatch.. wait for the Type RR (double horsepower! I think lets see 190hp * 2 = 380hp.. thats what Kimbers said.)
  14. Are you going to ge the Type RR. What you said so far about double horsepower (190 * 2 = 380hp?). One quick question. On the recent civics they gave up the double wishbone and went back to MacPherson's, did they go back to the double wishbone. Is there going to be a new RSX (Integra) hopefully with double horsepower like Type RR..(Head is going to explode! HOnda FAN!!!!) Is the engine the KA series or do they have a different one? I wouldnt mind the return of the B series at all! Hopefully, I hope the RR goes all the way to 9,000 or even 10,000 redline!
  15. Taurus.. lol... omg.. i can smoke that thing with my mongoose bike
  16. yes actually i did go to foxvalleymotors.. you knw what happen. OK, i walk into foxvalleymotors in my usual dress up gear. They just look at me and then right back to work bc (of course) I am not buying. No hello or anything. So I go look at the Elise then ask about the Esprit.. used my Esprit knowledge..and he was like impress.. got to sit in one...very nice leather seats! Gauges look awesome with the titanium look. Very low sleek sharp edges.. very sexy indeed! my passion for this car has gone up.. nonetheless, I havent seen a G car yet. I live in Manitowoc, WI about 45 mins away from Green Bay. I dont see any Lotus here at all! all in all...hoping to see a lotus esprit at the annual classic car show in Elk Heart Lake(home of Road AMerica)..about 25mins away from my place
  17. we dont have a mondeo here in the states.. is it any good?
  18. i looked around google and nothing shows up. What is the difference between a dog cut gearbox and a heli cut gearbox?
  19. yes, i miss my 200sx turbo. that was the last of the Nissan S cars that was the states that is!
  20. I read in lew that removing the cat on v8's make the idle speed go up and down or something like that?
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