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  1. Its in Wisconsin near Sheboygan
  2. off course we do, they are ripping our dollars out of our hands!
  3. I just found out from one of my friends that every summer at Elk-Heart Lake there is a classic car get together. He said there are a few Lotus Esprits that show up there. I was just wondering if any members here go there and display their cars?
  4. stupid question. does a baby seat fit in the trunk of the Esprit?
  5. Its a v8 but how do you know it has 384hp? The red ecu can pump out to whats the point of 384hp?
  6. can someone tape it for the ppl in the states. It will be well appreciated. thanks
  7. alright Kimbers, nice going on your new job. First off, is the new Honda Hatchback going to look something like the new civics? Is there going to be an SI hatcbback like the coupe? Do you know what engine is in the new civics si?
  8. On Electronic Turbo Booster, it's possible to boost up PSI. What I am confuse at is this. Lets say you put 1.0 bar as your boost. I know on the Esprit without doing the turbo boost trick (5000 rpm) will you get 1.0 bar on all your gears or will it still be limited to the .75-.85 bar? I also know that you only get 1.0 bar on some gears because of the gearbox? can anyone clear this up. Thanks
  9. I've done some research but the civic is not really my type of car to swap motors.. type r b18c5 motor from the Integra Type R is plenty fast with my car weighing in only 2000lbs. A subie will do with a J-spec ej20 engine..
  10. I love 4 Sedans.. dont mind having a Lotus Carlton.. owning all them lexus and bmw's on the street.. lol
  11. Aren't Esprits awesome.. now who wants to buy my Civic ..haha
  12. Does the Hoff own an Esprit?
  13. god damn.. no wonder Napolean Dynamite love Ligers.. they are known for their magic and spells
  14. thanks for the clarification. Nicely explained. So to achieve lets say 9000rpms I just need to make my cams more eliptical, thus elongating more gas into the combustion chamber. but what how does that increase RPM? I can see how it makes more power but the RPM thing im lost.
  15. yeah but if i dont then she and me are OVER.. i dont know.. if a bike is worth throwing something that keeps you warm at night.
  16. I too was also looking or a Suzuki; however, the gf doesn't like such crazy things like bikes. It's to dangerous she says, which is true!
  17. reminds me of the ending scene in "The Gods Must Be Crazy" where the bushman throws away the Coke bottle!
  18. Yes, I have looked into camshafts for higher revs; however, titanium ones aren't cheap. But if I was to get longer camshafts, how are they suppose to fit. My block is only so long?
  19. I feel the same way Slade. I think the Caymen can way out perform the 911 if giving the same engine as the 911. TO me anyways, it looks so much better then the 911
  20. really? why do you say that? can you expand please. Im very interested!
  21. what does this have to do with the S2?
  22. what happen at the even Paul C? why were you mentioned?
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