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  1. Yeah, do you guys remeber when Nissan was called Datsun.. I use to have one of these .. Datsun Nissan 200sx Turbo
  2. I am now official a nut subscriber.. lol
  3. Check out Nobles new M15. It looks fierce! Damn, Kimbers can you get me one of these! OMG, a Lotus MPV Actually, I would love to see a lotus SUV but not a MPV
  4. yeah, they make manual g35's .. i rather take the g35 then the z because of the luxury and 2+2. your co-worker.. well with the money spent on the z + turbo kit.. he would of gotten at least a S4s or v8gt..
  5. great tips for future home owners
  6. my experience with europeans is that, they like to drink whisky. never had whisky until some nice european guy bought me a glass.
  7. i dont that can compare to the topic when i was drunk at christmas time last year. do you guys remember that..
  8. man i would love to import an Exige with the K Rover engines!
  9. over here in WI, ppl with evo/sti love to race everyone bc 99% of the time they just clean the streets. Unless you know if you got a 13sec car then thats soemthing else. hmm... I too was thinking sti.. or Infinity g35
  10. well i drove my cousins camry and changed lanes to right. I looked and there were no cars so i turned but i hit a car when changing lanes. i dont know the policies in chicago, IL. My license is expired thats probably why i have to go to court or something else.. any ways i just got my license renew so no big problem. from what i talked to my insurance company, they said the insurance policy follows the car and not the driver. so my cousins insurance company should pay for the damages..
  11. is the kia the same thing as the Elan?
  12. I just got into an accident in downtown chicago. I have court in April. What am I suppose to do. I reported it to the insurance company all ready. what am I expecting at court?
  13. ok collete party right now.. kinda buzzing high.. but yeah.. do you remember when you had a big party for your graduation.. damn.. cant think straight.. ... my head hurts..
  14. Toua

    2007 Esprit

    dont the ws6 have 350hp and monsterous torque
  15. really does look like an Elise.
  16. Where do you live in MN. I use to live there too, in St. Paul. EASTSIDE
  17. I read the USA Today.. i dont watch news on TV. Sick of watching news on the TV.
  18. to be honest... vw gti looks pretty tight! I like since im a hatch fan!
  19. Believe it or not, most girls (scandelous ones) rather date a guy with a deck out rice race car with big flashy colors and decals. for the more refine people like us, those rice cars are all show and no go. becareful of the sleeper cars with no show and ALL go. think about this. 2000lb civic hatch with Type R motor (180hp) 13secs 1/4 mile. And yes, I do pick up girls who loves civics! I get some too Slade! How about you and I trade cars for day.
  20. I know what you say Slade. Example your car runs mid 5 secs in the 0-60. Thats like as fast as Supra TT.
  21. I know these kids name kid you not - One , Two, Three. For everychild the parents names by numbers
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