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  1. Thank you for the clear up. It is really nice getting information from the very knowledge crew in here. So from what I read so far, my SOHC 1.5l engine VTEC with 97lbs of torque and 92hp .. i should go with a longer stroke for more torque.. torque wins races and hp sells cars!
  2. post the picture. ppl at the states havent seen it yet. thank you
  3. Toua

    2007 Esprit

    If the new Esprit sucks, i would rather buy a NOble.
  4. i know bore * stroke = displacement. If you have a higher bore what does that effect and if you have a higher stroke, what does that effect. performance? drivability? anything it effects.
  5. i just want to make fun of this.. but ill guess ill have to pass,...! well just leave it at that * cough cough monica*
  6. yeah its coming this year but it seems to be slower .... dont know why? anyone wants the article on Exige vs Caymen just note me.
  7. in the CAR and Driver magazine for march 2006, comparing the Caymen vs Exige.. its says Exige is slower then the Elise. I have the article right here.. i cant believe they picked the Caymen instead of the Exige
  8. Toua

    2007 Esprit

    where did he say that?
  10. WARNING .., MJ is not that HOT in real life. Just got back from seeing her and JOY blows HER the FUCK away .. like all the way back to Thailand. SO if you want MJ she lives in Sactown. any more info just PM me ok. So JOY is back on my HOT list.. Pretty soon Joys gonna be the next victoria secret angel.. (hope i can make her buy me an Esprit1)
  11. I think what you said was really nice. I do believe we Americans do, do some good to the world, and every country has their flops. But it's better to do something good then to sit there and let people die.
  12. I like the exige.. btw.. why is the Exige in the US slower then the Elise in the US?
  13. looks like one of them stupid boi rice cars.. lol. with the big body kits and i thought my civic was this makes my civic look civilized
  14. Toua

    2007 Esprit

    how do you know its a v10
  15. Is there a better way then just add-ons for generating more torque. I know by adjusting cam timing, torque is easily adjusted to certain rpms. I need more torque in my little 4 banger...
  16. Yes the typical american! thats a shame really because i hate
  17. I remember way back then..when this forum was just starting up and everyone got a long together. Now everyone is like bashing everyone and telling other members to get out *cough cough Tiegan * anyways I know everyone here has their own opinions. Some things they might say may be stupid or good; however, we cannot just complain about that person. I use to come here a lot, and I learnd a lot about my favorite car. Many thanks to all the wonderful knowledgable members, it's nice to know other people feel the same about the Esprit as me. So that all said, I'll leave it to Master P for he know's it well when he says, "Look at all these haters surrounding me every day hatin on a baller but they can't stop my pay stop all the hatin I can't take it no more Im just tryin to get mine you best get yours so what you hatin for" There was a thread that told me to STFU.. well I dont want to mention the name of who started it but you know who you are so STFU! -- stop hating because you dont have a Honda Civic Hatch!
  18. I wont lie. So the far the british people I met are real asses! no joke. They think they are better then us Americans and have this stupid little atittude like they are better. An example of this, One time at Sears, I was working as a electronic sales man and this brittish middle eastern lad with is brittish accent comes up to me and starts bitch about american electronics to me. I was like trying to be nice and all you know with the customer service. Anyways, I asked him with his accent where he came from. He looked at me and just totally ignored me. I asked him three times until he gf admitted he was from UK. I knew he was from you UK but didnt want to say if he was. What if i was wrong. I might of offended him. Finally, I just said to him, "Sorry, but in America we have something called STFU". I quit my job afterwards sorry if it was kind of rude. I know not everyone is like that.
  19. Kimber, do you know anything about this audi box?
  20. to be honest, I thought the new Esprit looked like shit. It couldn't even compare to the s1-s3. Just my thought. I really wish it will have pop-up headlights but thats not going to happen. I wouldnt mind having a Pagani Zonda headlights...
  21. Toua

    Your ideal job

    Im claiming the asian girl in the way back in the middle
  22. I liked Tiegan .. I never thought what he had to say was wrong. What he said did make sense.
  23. I'll be there Feb 9th and would love to see and hang out with any members and talk about esprits and what not .. maybe even have lunch..ill supply the
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