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  1. The car on Classic driver is the Jim Loose car vin 10307 I registered it in the UK when I imported it from the US, its going on Italian plates soon . So not a genuine Essex .
  2. To be fair to Spyros he made me an offer but it just wasn't quite enough . If you are interested in the car why don't you just come have a look at it ?
  3. Does anyone have a decent S4 manifold they would like to part with ? SW Lotus and SJ Sports Cars are still out of stock of new ones .
  4. We are after Lotus Esprit's in any condition from basket cases to mint cars All models and all years. Top prices paid for the right cars . Please contact Mark on 01245 248143 or 07732 339759 if you have one to sell . Thank you.
  5. I have given him your number Gary because he wants to drive it to Italy I said you are on 24hr call out 👍
  6. So after the November lockdown I took a call from Fabrizio Giugiaro the son of Giorgetto and he visited my place to look at the Esprits I had on offer. The car him and his dad was going to buy was heading for there museum in Turin Italy. He chose my fully restored white S1 Great choice !
  7. Is this the one we painted some time ago Hugh ? Sent you a PM...
  8. Thank you . But to hefty mileage for me . Thanks anyway .
  9. After a Lotus Europa S for myself does anyone have one for sale ? Thanks
  10. Thanks Tim Rory you are welcome to view the car at any time just give me a call Thanks
  11. These are about as good as it gets
  12. Mike Essex RHD numbered cars ran up to 25, number 24 was renumbered 100 so there was no 27.
  13. Okay thanks Jonny and Dave , I will keep looking .
  14. I have two sets of Compomotive alloys that I need refurbished, Lepsons who I usually use won't touch three piece split rims can anyone recommend a decent firm to do these ?
  15. Essex vin number 10896 was a pre-production model so not a numbered car . Speak to Steve Tryner he has the full list of Essex cars .
  16. The way the auction went today is 90% of the Cars didn’t make there estimate and as I believe the reserve is within the estimate that’s how they work it . With the Essex it was below the estimate but they will try and do a deal with the seller and the winning bidder so who knows. Thats why they put in the small print you can’t sell it within 28 days without paying the sellers commission so they can still try and put a deal together .
  17. VAT is definitely payable as Coys are VAT registered
  18. Don’t forget there is a sellers fee of 10%+VAT of the selling price unless you do a deal with them
  19. They are 100% correct you will never get a perfect colour match with a metallic colour without blending it , let them blend it or you will never be happy with it .
  20. The other thing to look out for Gary is there is a filter inside the oil tank on the pick up . The guy restoring Essex 21 sent me these pictures of a before an after .
  21. The car is definitely for sale , anyone seriously interested in buying it is welcome to pick up the phone and discuss it with me .
  22. Did you manage to sell the active car Stuart. ?
  23. Yes there are plenty of SJ invoices in the paperwork I am also kicking myself that I did not take the cam covers off of the US copy they would of gone nicely on this one.
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