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  1. Does anyone have any experience with their recline adjustment failing? My seats in my 99 V8 are so loose front to back (top portion of the seat) that they move around while driving. After pulling the driver seat and looking at the recline mechanism I noticed that the movement appears to be in the actual recline part. Are these serviceable or is there a replacement for these. The shocker is that this was a problem when I first bought the car with 4k miiles on it....I now have 25k miles on it...and put the new Bilsteins on the car thus tightening the suspension back up. Now with the suspensio
  2. My friends V8 had that same symptom when he first got the car. I have heard that a little spirited driving will lesson the shudder. From what I understand it may be deposit on the flywheel from the new clutch or perhaps oil from ones hand on the install. I am not sure of this but seems to make sense. anyone else have any thoughts on this? Cheers! Dan A
  3. Travis, What about factory ride height for the rear. Any suggestions for getting the height about correct on the install. I thought I remembered hearing that you set the adjustment toward the bottom of the threaded portion of the damper. Does this sound correct to you? The car is Glen's 02. Btw- Can't wait to see you in Colorado & how is your car project progressing? Dan A In the rear you don't srictly need a compressor, leave the top of the shock bolted in and then undo the lower bolt through the shock Then the spring should be slack around the shock. Then you can u
  4. Just wondering if anyone has installed the new Lotus / Bilstein dampers on their V8? When I say new I mean the recently developed non-adjustables. I checked into ordering some through JAE but Jeff said he is having a tuff time getting them, and at this point has only received one pair for the fronts? Any feed back would be great! Also, I am installing dampers on my friends 02 Esprit this weekend (Spax) and was wondering if a need to compress the springs or are they not under tension with the suspension at full extension. (Car on the lift) Thanks! Dan Adragna 99 Esprit 92
  5. Does anyone know of a US cross referenced Thermostat for a 99 V8. One that I might be able to pick up a a local auto part store with out having to order. Thanks, Dan Adragna 99 Esprit V8 92 Elan M100
  6. Just watched an episode on Speed Vision of Two Guys and a garage. On the episode they were working on a Infinity G35. They were upgrading the grounding wires for what they termed improved electrical performance / less strain or draw on the charging system. Now this has me curious as to whether I may have a grounding issue on my 99 V8. I have gone through three alternators. I bought the car with about 5k miles on it and it currently has 22k miles on it. The car is left on a battery tender when it is not driven. One symptom that I see on occaision when I first start the car is that
  7. What? I have not heard anything about the Audi box conversion. Can you elaborate on that? Thanks, Dan Adragna 99 Esprit 92 Elan
  8. Update- The fuel problem is gone and my Esprit is back on the road. Thanks to the cross reference from Larry Marsala. Larry suggested I purchase a Aeromotive adjustable fuel regulator for a late 80 early 90 LT1 engine. I did, and it bolted right up. It also looks cool and is $40 cheaper than the Lotus part that no one had in stock (including LCU) Happy to be driving again B) Dan Adragna quote=Daniel Adragna,Dec 21 2005, 03:06 AM] Update on my raw fuel smell! Jim Knowles came over the other day to look at the car with me...So..Jim assumed the Lotus position in t
  9. I enjoyed both cars, and still enjoy the V8 I have. Both powerplants were pleasing in their own way. I would say that the V8 driveability is much more pleasing in the various driving situations that occur in day to day driving. Also, the feeling that I got when I first drove my V8 was that it is more terms of refinement. When I drove my 91Se I enjoyed it and was pleased with the way it drove, then after having an opportunity to drive an S4s I thought wow this is light years ahead. Well, then driving the V8 I thought the same. Still love the fours though! B) Dan Adragna
  10. Update on my raw fuel smell! Jim Knowles came over the other day to look at the car with me...So..Jim assumed the Lotus position in the rear engine bay area as I cranked the car over. Ah Ha! Jim found fuel seeping out of the pressure regulator onto the manifold! So I called around today to try to locate one and of course none could be found. Even LCU does not have them in inventory. Everyone also asked "Are you sure it is bad, we have never replaced one before". Well I will double check, but it appeared to be leaking from the crimped seam of the regulator and not the fittings. I fi
  11. No fire drills latley! I think I will plan on replacing the canister and the vent hose and see where that puts me. Is there a cross reference on the canister so that I can get it locally. or do I need to order one? Also-I remember my old boxster had a raw fuel smell and the dealer replaced the purge canister valve. Is there a valve on this set up, or is it just one unit (canister)? PS-Smoking in the car huh? I guess it's OK as long as it is a controlled burn Dan A
  12. the cavities in your car are subject to airflow systems designed into the car. it's normal to have smells disappear and reappear in short time periods because the air gets evacuated. on my car, it was easy to get to the cannister by removing the panels over the fueltanks. i replaced everything and still get some fuel smell when the windows are open. next thing i need to sort is the gearshift opening which can't be the whole cause. i am also being overly sensitive to the smell. i smoke in the car, and haven't caught fire yet. I do agree that the car does have some more odor fume
  13.'s one that I cannot figure out! I have not been driving my car too much lately. The last time I drove it, there was a strong smell of raw fuel from the filler side of the car. I opened the engine cover and the smell seemed to come from the left bank of the motor. I did not drive the car much, only to my house, and when I got back home the odor was not there? Tonight I started the car to drive it to the gym stinks! So I lifted the engine cover and pulled out the side cover above the purge canister and noticed that the fuel smell appears to be in this area. Now t
  14. Paul, I just went through the same thing on my 99 V8. What I did was wait until the car is cool, then un-screw the plastic nut on the header tank. Be sure to unplug the sensor before you remove it from the header tank. I believe that there are two prongs that you have to push in to remove the center piece where the float (level sensor) is located from the cap nut. Once you remove it from the header tank you will notice that there are small holes on the end of the tube that holds the level sensor. If you shake the tube up and down it should have movement from with in, almost like a paint s
  15. The Raid wheels do have Air Bags in them. One of my buddies had a machine shop fabricate the tooling to create hub adaptors to fit the raid wheels. The hub adaptor kit comes with the necessary attachments and I believe there are a few available for about $150 or so. I paid about $500-600 for my wheel but that was a group buy. The wheel totally changes the feel in the driver seat, the wheel is much fatter in circumference and smaller in outer diameter=more leg room and better hand feel. Send me your email and I will send some digital photos for you if you would like. Cheers! Dan Adragna da
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