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  1. Thanks everyone for your help especially "Gooner" for the part numbers. Toby, do you have one you are willing to sell? If you are send me a PM. I have mechanics working at RAF Shawbury getting some warbirds ready to fly to Phoenix, AZ. I don't think they are to far away from you. Cheers Everyone!
  2. Hi Gang! Does anyone know how much and where a I can find a front bumper and lower valance for a 2000 Esprit?
  3. Hi Everyone! I just got my car back from the shop. The engine is running at about 80C. I drove it around for a couple of hours and the temp never went past 95C.
  4. Hey Shadeone! thanks for the photoshop. Would you say that those look like they would be 20's or larger.
  5. I wish I new how to use photoshop. If anyone does, see if you can make it work.
  6. What do you guys think of these Asanti AF-144's with the yellow stripe instead of red. They will make a custom set in 19"s to fit the car.
  7. Your car looks gorgeous! that is why I would like to buy a set...
  8. Hi Guys! I just ordered a new RAD from Wizard cooling. It should be here in Arizona in a week.
  9. I have tried through Lotus. They want $3000 for the set. For that price I can get some pretty nice aftermarket wheels. I have also looked through the various forums, but most of the sets are sold.
  10. I am looking at upgrading to the OZ Nova wheels on my 2000 Esprit. Anyone have any thoughts on where I can buy a set for a reasonable price. My Saturn's are in absolutely mint condition, but I quite like the Nova's. I will sell them for a descent price if I can find a set of Nova's.
  11. Hi guys! I heard from the mechanic today. First problem, the thermostat was not opening. After replacement, the engine was still getting hot. The mechanic checkout the system and found that the fluid was not flowing. He says we need to flush the radiator and it will take 15 hours to R & R. My dilemma is, should I just flush the RAD (the mechanic claims it is not leaking). Or buy a new RAD (one of the two previously suggested). Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.. I am leaning towards replacement since they are removing the old one anyway....
  12. I will be taking the car in on Friday morning when i am back in Scottsdale. Hopefully it isn't anything serious and I can enjoy driving the car this weekend. I also called the outfit the sells the RAD's. They want $1600 (ouch) for the RAD and they are backordered until the end of this month. I will let you guys know what happens Friday. Cheers!
  13. I don't even want to attempt to change the Rad on this car. I think I will leave it to the professionals.
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