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  2. I have both the standard silver cast wheels and the silver forged wheels. I ordered the car with the forged wheels and got a separate set of the cast for the snow tires because it was cheaper than going the other way around. However, once I got the silver cast wheels on the car, I've decided I like them better than the forged wheels. They "look" lighter and more dynamic and seem to suit the car's looks a bit better. As an added bonus, they are much easier to clean than the forged pattern. I don't like any pictures of the new 19/20 diamond cut wheels, but once I saw them in person I was much more impressed. They look very good in the flesh. I don't like the turbine wheels even a bit, but I've never seen them in person. This is all just opinion of course; hard to get the "right" answer for something aesthetic. If I ordered the car again, I would get the standard silver cast wheels (for free!).
  3. Hegg

    Evora Colours

    No problem on the video; I made it for the sole purpose to help people see how dynamic Burnt Orange is in the sun. I've seen the Evora in 6 colors in person, and Burnt Orange shows off the lines the best by far. Aquamarine made the lines all but disappear. Phantom Black looks great, but not what I'm interested in. I was surprised at how good Quartz Silver looks. Persian Blue and Laser Blue both look good, but are missing that certain something to enhance the car's curves. (I know I'm encroaching on someone's religion with these statements, but please remember they are just my opinions.) I had an S1 Esprit as well. Mine was #60 built (according to the factory) and had a VIN of 770301159H. It was Norfolk Mustard yellow and looked great. I had the original tartan/plaid interior that was cool and hideous at the same time. I considered briefly getting a yellow Evora, but I honestly just don't like the current yellow in the Lotus range. It's not.... yellow... enough. How early is your early Esprit? Great pic of the restoration, too! BTW, if you want to see another video of Burnt Orange "in action", I posted a video of my car being delivered here (scroll ahead to about 2:00 to actually see it): Burnt Orange is impossible to get on camera. This is the best picture I have where you can compare it to "regular" colors:
  4. Hegg

    Evora Colours

    Yes, that is my car. I did 10 or so before-and-after comparisons of the standard vs. Lotus Sport exhaust. There is also a very short video of a walk around in the sun where I was trying to show off the reflections. Here's my user channel: heggalek's videos Regarding the insurance, I do have to insure for full, unlimited mileage. All of my personal insurance comparisons included unlimited mileage. State Farm wasn't quite the cheapest, but were just barely more than the lowest. I felt better about the service and coverage, and it made me feel better that the vast majority of people that replied to my other insurance thread were all on State Farm. That made me more confident that they wouldn't suddenly drop me if something were to happen to the car. I drive my cars about 20,000 miles per year. The Chrome Orange vs. Burnt Orange discussion becomes religious under most circumstances. Some prefer Burnt and some prefer Chrome and neither are wrong! They're both great, but they really are as opposite as two oranges can get. As someone else said, they're both as inconspicuous as driving around in a flying saucer. Chrome is very bright and loud while Burnt is sophisticated and dynamic. I might even say that Chrome is a track color, but Burnt is more of a grand-touring color, but that might be considered "racist". I have had endless compliments specifically on my Burnt Orange color (in addition to the car itself). I've seen the Burnt haters/Chrome lovers say that the Burnt Orange looks like the same orange that you can get on any other common car, but it is simply not true. Photos make it look that way, but in person it is not at all. Both are colors I haven't seen on any other common car. As for me and my likes, Burnt Orange is my preference (obviously). I would order the car again in the same color.
  5. Hegg

    Evora Colours

    Chrome Orange and Burnt Orange are both metallic. Chrome Orange has quite a lot too; it's not just a small sprinkling. In person, Chrome Orange and Burnt Orange are about as opposite as two oranges can get. I took this shot in the shade (it was the best that circumstances would allow). Even so, pictures still don't do either color the justice they deserve. I started an insurance comparison thread and found out that I was being charged double. I have since switched to State Farm and they happily accepted the Evora. Might be worth giving them a call.
  6. Excellent! Seriously, if I visit England, there's a beer for you (along with a half-dozen other people I've accumulated over the years). In regards to #4, do you know how to get it back to non-manual mode? So, if you've used paddles and switched to manual mode, how do you get back to auto mode? Just press 'D' again?
  7. Bibs (or any others that have experience with the IPS), I am now actually considering a trade up from my car to the Evora IPS. I've thought of a few more questions as I've more seriously contemplated driving the IPS each day. (1) I've seen some videos showing that the current gear shows up in the console where the odometer currently shows on the Evora. Does it always show the current gear, or only when you are in manual mode? (2) When/how do you display the odometer if the gear display is now showing in that area? (3) Since they moved the Sport button down to the center (sorry, "centre" ) console, is there a button which now replaces it behind the steering wheel? For some reason I want to have all of my buttons filled up, and removing the 'Sport' seems to make that impossible. (4) How do you keep the car in 1st when you're pulling away from a stop? Let's say you're just pulling around a slow 10 mph parking lot - do you just have to let the car first shift to 2nd, then pull the selector to get down to 1st (and then keep pulling it every 10 seconds I guess)? (5) I've seen conflicting reports on whether the car reverts to automatic mode when you've pressed the Sport button. Can someone confirm which way this works (maybe it was a software update)? (6) In relation to #4 and #5 above, how would you descend a long mountain pass and keep it in a low gear to avoid using brakes? Here in the Rockies, it's common to be coming down an 8% decline over a 10 mile period and you would normally just put the car in 2nd or 3rd so you don't melt the brakes on the way down. I'm guessing with the Evora that the only option would be to paddle-shift it to 3rd and then wait 10 seconds for it to jump back to 6th, then paddle-shift it back down again. (7) Does anyone have information on the actual gear ratios? (8) I've also read that the car locks the torque converter above 20 mph. I really like that idea, but I'm curious if there's a noticeable jolt at 20 mph when it does so. (9) I also read something about a "launch" function of some sort. Although I doubt I'd use such a thing, does anyone have more information about this? (10) Do the paddle shifters have a good feel to them? Like a good, affirmative *snick*? I hope they're not mushy and emotionless like most of the paddle automatics I've tried. (11) When driving along on a highway in normal mode, then you press the Sport button, does the car immediately jump down 2 cogs, or does it stay where it is until you instruct it to change gears? Thanks in advance!
  8. Regarding the MPG-o-meter and its accuracy, I've seen other complaints about its accuracy as well. However, I've tracked mine since day one and although there is tank-to-tank variance, on the whole it's fairly close. Here is a chart of my current mileage in the car. The blue line is the car's calculation, red is my calculation, and yellow the variance between the two. The overall difference after 7,800 miles is 0.7 mpg.
  9. Thanks for the excellent response! It sounds like that - overall - you weren't terribly impressed. Would you say that for normal "automatic" type of boring drives, it feels fine, but the sport driving leaves a little to be desired? I am disappointed in the fuel economy you obtained, although I guess you probably were putting your foot into it a bit. That's only 17 mpg US, where Lotus claims almost 19 mpg US city, and almost 36 mpg US on the highway. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks for the offer! I am interested in how the IPS functions, even though I would probably not be trading in my 6-speed. Here are the things I'm curious about: - What are the revs in top gear at highway speed (70-ish mph)? 6-speed is about 2,500 - 2,700 on the highway. - Can you reset the MPG-o-meter and see what fuel economy you average on the highway? How about city? - If you accelerate slowly off the line - you know, like a normal car - how smooth does it shift? - In fact, how smooth does it shift overall? I've read that they worked hard to make it shift fast, but for the times when you're just casual, is it smooth or violent? - Assuming you have driven the 6-speed, how quick does the IPS feel? Does it really feel 0.4 seconds slower? - Does the car feel ~200 lbs. heavier? - Probably doesn't apply, but do you know if the IPS would have a dead pedal for the USA LHD market? - When you are cruising along happily and decide to manually downshift with the paddles to bypass someone, is the shift pretty instant? That is, the first time you are going between fully automatic mode and manual mode, is there much of a delay (like there seems to be in other automatics with the manual shift option)? - How sensitive is the automatic downshift when you are driving normally and just give it a little more gas? Thanks in advance! I look forward to your thoughts.
  11. From what I can tell, the exhaust options are the same between the 6-speed and IPS cars. If that is true, then I would expect that the Lotus Sport Exhaust is available on the IPS just like it is on the 6-speed cars. I don't believe it can be installed directly at the factory, but the dealer can install it as soon as the car arrives. I switched my stock exhaust to the Lotus Sport exhaust a few months ago and have been very pleased. I posted some comparison videos and thoughts here: Lotus Evora Stock Exhaust vs. Lotus Sport Exhaust I have not heard of anyone that got the Lotus Sport Exhaust that regretted it. I've also had comments from passers-by that say it sounds great. Hope that helps!
  12. I'd be happy to take an exhaust for free and do the same comparison videos. You know, just so all the options can be equally compared in a fair environment.
  13. This is probably a bit late, but I hope it helps others. I recently upgraded from factory exhaust to the Lotus Sport Exhaust. I took before/after videos in several situations and posted them on the other forums. Lotus Evora Standard and Sport Exhaust Comparisons I hope that helps someone. I'm pleased with the new exhaust and just yesterday had a compliment from someone that had heard me driving around town about how great it sounds.
  14. Does anyone have information regarding ECU updates for the US market? Is there a way to tell which version is currently on a car without a dealer looking it up? I'm curious what is available for my car, if anything.
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