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  1. Greetings! I realize you gents aren't in the US but, JAE Parts in Goleta California sells these GREAT replacements for those pain-in-the-rump star head bolts. They work with a 12 point 10mm socket. The socket gets a much more positive grip than that 10mm star socket on the older style. If I recall, they were only about 30.00 USD. Maybe there is something similar in your neck of the woods. Regards, Nick bye the way... Jay and Jeff are first class.
  2. Hello Stu, sorry about the delay. Unless you can't get to one of the clips, you shouldn't have to loosen the timing clamp. Regards, Nick
  3. Mobil One 75w90 gear oil keeps mine happy
  4. Be careful of the dizzy popping out of the auxiliary shaft housing while the timing adjustment clamp is loosened. If it comes out by even a 1/8 inch or so, the dizzy is disengaged from the shaft and you'll wonder why you're getting no spark.
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