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  1. UPDATE: I picked up my car today and it appears that the infamous P0328 problem has now been resolved! I still need to drive the car a bit more, but I ran it pretty hard today and the code did not appear. It appears that re-programming the ECM has solved the problem. ----- Original Message ----- From: Dave Simkin To: Steve Slatzer Cc: Ron Mann Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 7:50 PM Subject: RE: Lotus Esprit V8 - Fault Code P0328 Steve: The revised calibration data has been installed on the re-programming units with me and at the headquarters in Atlanta. If you send us the ecm we will re-flash it and send it back to you. Please enclose the VIN and Mileage for your vehicle with the ECM. If you choose to utilize a dealer to do the removal have them contact me for the address and contact info needed. Dave David J. Simkin Field Service Engineer LOTUS CARS USA, INC. 2236 Northmont Parkway, Duluth, GA 30096 ----- Original Message ----- From: Angus, Brian To: Steve Slatzer Sent: Monday, April 19, 2010 7:37 AM Subject: RE: Lotus Esprit V8 - Fault Code P0328 Hi Steve, Just to keep you up to date. Our Calibration Engineer has completed the investigation. He has made some adjustments to the calibration in this area. The updated data has been sent to Dave Simkin who will be able to update ECMs as required. Hopefully this will eliminate the problem you have been experiencing. We will be interested in getting feedback on the situation when you get a chance to do some running. Cheers Brian Brian Angus Product Engineer LOTUS ENGINEERING
  2. Gentlemen, Lotus has agreed to look into this issue further. See below. If you are still experiencing the P0328 fault code, can you please e-mail me the following info. as soon as possible: 1. Your full name 2. Your VIN number (or at least the last 4 digits) 3. Which version of the ECU are you running? (stock, high torque, red race, etc.) I will then forward this info. to the Lotus engineers. Thanks, Steve [email protected] ----- Original Message ----- From: Angus, Brian To: Steve Slatzer ; Wayne Ellison (E-mail) Cc: Simkin, Dave Sent: Monday, February 08, 2010 5:00 AM Subject: RE: Lotus Esprit V8 - Fault Code P0328 Hi Steve & Wayne, Just been talking to our lads in the Engine Management / Calibration department and they are looking into the issue. Hopefully we will be able to come up with a solution. They will be getting in touch with Dave Simkin to identify the cars that we know are affected and so we know how to issue / control our solution. If you could identify the cars you know have the problem and let Dave know. Any updates to the cars / calibration would be handled through Dave / Lotus Cars USA . Cheers Brian ----- Original Message ----- From: Angus, Brian To: Steve Slatzer (E-mail) ; Wayne Ellison (E-mail) Cc: Simkin, Dave Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2010 4:50 AM Subject: Lotus Esprit V8 - Fault Code P0328 Hi Wayne & Steve, Dave Simkin asked me to look into your Fault Code problem on his recent visit to the factory. It seems you have had a long ongoing saga on tracking down the cause of the Fault Code. It is not something we have been familiar with this side of the Atlantic. Reading up on some of your emails Dave has forwarded to me I see you have already had some communication from Dave Massey in Technical Service. I will reopen the concern and refer it to our Engine Management Group and see what they can come up with. We do want to get the bottom of this issue and identify the reason for this intermittent fault. As soon as we get a chance to digest your emails and review the situation I will let you know what we think. Wayne - I am aware of your latest posting on LEF about shielding the Knock Sensor & Wiring. I will discuss the merits of this with out Engineers. Cheers Brian Brian Angus Lotus Engineering Tel + 44 (0) 1953 608122 [email protected]
  3. Actually, that was my posting back in Sept. '07. I had both of mine replaced last year. According to my records, the mechanic was able to find a match and installed Carter P74006 pumps. I believe those pumps are primarily used on GM vehicles. They seem to work fine. They sell for about $75 in the U.S. Good luck. Cheers, Steve
  4. AC DELCO GT172. You can get it from any Chevy dealer for around $10. Make sure you get it from the dealer. Some of the aftermarket versions have raised handles that will prevent the Esprit fuel door from closing properly.
  5. In regards to the battery light, it probably means that your alternator is on the way out. Mine crapped out a few months ago. I had it rewound at minimal expense. I've also read that you can use an alternator from a Cadillac Catera. Good luck getting things sorted out.
  6. Thanks, Alan. Please keep us posted. Cheers, Steve
  7. FYI -- I'm experiencing the exact same problem. I've got a 2001 w/High Torque ECU. I've owned the car for 3 years. However, the P0328 code only started appearing about 6 months ago. I'm also getting a P0171 (lean code) on a regular basis.
  8. Speaking of clutches...what's the average clutch life for a V8 Esprit? I have a 2001 (AP clutch) with 40,000 miles on it. It still works fine. Does anyone have an example of a higher mileage V8 with the original clutch? Thanks, Steve
  9. Does anyone have a cross reference for the V8 Fuel Pumps? I think mine are shot. Thanks in advance, Steve
  10. Has anyone been able to identify a cross reference number for the V8 O2 sensors? They are probably Bosch. I may need to replace one (or more) and I would like to avoid paying a small fortune for the OEM part from Lotus. Thanks in advance. Steve
  11. 30,000 miles is probably a bit high for a 2001. However, I've got an '01 and it just passed 33,000. I like to drive my car on a regular basis. The key is maintenance. Make sure the car has been properly maintained and has good documentation.
  12. I don't think so. Let me take a wild guess. You're looking at the 2001 V8 on E-bay and wondering if the car has been repainted? I suspect it has. The interior panels look yellow to me.
  13. That sounds like the low coolant warning. Be might be a sign of leaking engine liners: Probably not, but check it out if you are thinking about buying the car. Cheers, Steve
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