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  1. As for the oil filter, we all recognize that Lotus doesn't make the part, however, there are several different varieties of Toyota oil filters with different part numbers that are all adaptable to the Toyota 2ZZ-GE engine. The big difference is in the pressure relief valve at the bottom of the filter. I'm at LOG (but Nick Isn't!) and don't have all of the numbers but I think my Elise, Exige S and 2-Eleven all came with (slightly if not in part number only) different oil filters by Toyota. While the 2-Eleven was at the dealer for some other servicing, I sent him some of the specified oil for
  2. Bibs: Once again I find myself envious of 2-Eleven owners from the UK. Not only do you have generally active dealers (like B&C) and Lotus Cars/Lotus Sport nearby for support, you get a chance to meet with other 2-Eleven Forum members. I for one would like to put some faces with names of people from the forum and Lotus Cars. At your next get together, how about some group pictures putting some names with some faces. We'll try and reciprocate from the States with a group picture of attending 2-Eleven owners at LOG 29 in another 10 days. Thanks. Bill
  3. KL You may or may not have the new FIA Carbon Fibre Hans approved seats. The new seats were to be first put in the Exige 260 cars. And because of production constraints, initially there were only going to be seats available for those cars. If you have an SVA car, you may only have the standard Elise/Exige derivatives. Your dealer or Nick Adams could have this confirmed. Regardless, it appears that the real crux of the problem may be in the seat mount if you still have that much room under your seat. Even if the new seats are fitted to the standard adjustable Elise/Exige seat track, I
  4. KL, You are not the first person to make that observation, especially if you are one of the bigger drivers (like I am) of the 2-Eleven. When I took delivery of mine last year besides finding the Ricaro seat a bit snug and upright, my helmet was at the same level as was the top of the roll bar. This seating position also precluded a good view of the instrument binnacle. Nick Adams response was that there was a seat in the works within Lotus to fix that issue and that the Ricaro seat was used as an FIM compliant seat that addressed Lotus immediate needs. Consequently, I did not "fiddle" w
  5. Bibs & Nick, Sorry for the delay in response. I've been out for a week. This was the first chance to chase down the forum results of both of your efforts. Thanks for the time taken. Good reading and even better information. Bill
  6. Robert, Ah, a convert to the theory that there is no substitute for a better power to weight ratio as highly subscribed by CABC! Bill
  7. Tony, It's been my recommendation for some time to allow perspective owners to spec out the 2-Eleven with just the equipment they want and have it installed at the factory, including a full lighting kit. You know Arnie Johnson at Lotus Cars USA well enough to help push this through. Nick Adams at Lotus Cars UK is the "brain trust" behind the 2-Eleven and pretty responsive (as car manufacturers go!) to Lotus owner/potential owner requests. I'd also try that route. I know first hand from Arnie what a real pain it was to get the first cars into this country. At the time, Arnie didn't need
  8. You guys that have the ability to drive these things on the street kill me! Nick are you putting cruise control on your 23? Bill
  9. This looks like a good answer to the "row boat" shifter on the 2-Eleven (as well as, all Elise/Exige variants) when coupled with the "Lotus Sport" type engine mounts. Troy claims to have sent this kit to several 2-Eleven owners including some in Europe but could not (or would not) reveal the names. Right now he is awaiting for a shipment with upgraded rod ends. I plan on getting one of these kits but won't be able to track test it for a number of weeks. If anyone has had any previous experience with this kit, please pass on your experience in the forum. Bill
  10. 1. What is the availability of all of the products advertised in the Lotus Sport catalog? Pricing? Euros and US dollars. 2. Any consideration on volume discounts for "pre-production" Lotus Sport 2-Eleven accessory ordering? 3. Will Lotus ever make the 2-Eleven available "to order" with Lotus Sport options installed at the factory? 4. Is a different cylinder head (or engine) with direct injection being given any consideration? New type supercharger or turbocharger? 5. Is the sequential gearbox the answer to the OEM box when used in higher hp engines or stric
  11. Matt, I have a similar problem as you, as well as, in my Exige S. I'm receiving shortly the pre-production Exige 260 seats from Russ at LMS. Nick Adams originally told me that these were coming and thought they might help my seating position, as well as, my ability to see the full instrument binnacle (that's another story!). I should know within two weeks if this is an answer. As an alternate, I'm going to have Elite Fab and Machine in Columbus, OH extend the height of the bar. Ron Mong (614-529-4110) is the owner of Elite Fab. He worked on crews in the CART era. His dad created, des
  12. Nick, Ditto Scotty's and Paul's remarks. Now besides the 2-Eleven and the 23B, we now have something else in common, back problems. I had surgery three years ago for spinal stenosis. It was no fun. If you are confronted with surgery, the advancements even since my surgery are huge. I'll send you some of the Stateside web sites for some education. Get well soon! Bill
  13. Good to know that I wasn't the only one to have noticed slower speeds. And for what it's worth, Bibs, today I can't see any current difference than before. Bill
  14. Two sided tape, you've got to be kidding me. I think I'll rivet mine. This looks to be another future dilemma for Lotus similar to the 23's where because of inaccurate build records only 131 were built but there are 175 still in existance! In another forty years, maybe we should let the next generation of Lotus 2-Eleven owners worry about the true number of cars built! It's good to know that in today's crazy world, some things never change! Bill
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