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  1. Nick, Needless to say, welcome! Don't expect to get many comments on the 2-Eleven from the 23 registry forum. There's only a few of us who even (unfortunately) care! Hope you got your measurements. How about 2-Eleven fuel tanks? Bill
  2. Jack, As you probably know, you got the replacement fuel tank that was slated for my car. I relinquished it because by the time it got to the States, I couldn't guarantee that I'd get to test it for several months (weather related). I've been in touch with Nick Adams and he confirmed that your testing has convinced them that they have a cure for the fuel starvation problem. The revised tank will be fitted to all new '09 2-Elevens but Lotus has yet to decide how they are going to handle retrofits of existing cars. I've kept quiet about this until now but I think it's time for all of the current owners of the regular tanks that are subject to fuel surge to get in touch with Lotus and request a retrofit tank. The 2-Eleven should have been better tested, especially when this was a problem with the Elise/Exige cars, before they released it with a tank that would be subject to fuel surge in long left handers. ..............and while on high "G" force long left handers, I'd still advise that if you frequent tracks with these you do not fit the 2-Eleven with slicks and risk oil starvation. Bill
  3. Ramon, Adam was more specific about what comes on the car in the US. Download the 2-Eleven brochure link that he gave and that should answer all of your questions. I think the US model is still only available in one version but all Elise/Exige colors are now available. Try, however, to see if the factory can mount the Lotus Sport accessories that you might want at the time of assembly. Bibs recently gave a link for the 2009 Lotus Sport catalog. This will cut the final cost and install aggravation of replacement parts to the OEM parts. I think the new cars also have a tow eye in the front and rear as standard equipment. And as I said, the OEM fuel tank "fuel surge" issue has been corrected. Your car should come with the upgraded fuel tank. You may want to check out my "first impression" of the car in my first introduction to the forum. Once again, if you have further questions and would like to talk with me, e-mail me direct with your phone number and a time that is best to contact you. Bill
  4. Ramon, I'm not sure what is available to you in Canada but in the US the only option available at time of order is color. Ours came with the "track pack" which was the Ohlns suspension, supercharger, and Recaro seat. US models have no front driving or marker lights but do have rear running and brake lights. Most everybody agrees that you immediately need an accessory exhaust system (the stock is way too quiet and sanitary) and the Lotus Sport urethane motor mounts (aids in shifting feel and reduces fatigue to exhaust system). Both the exhaust and engine mounts can also be purchased from Sector 111 (a popular supplier of aftermarket Elise/Exige/2-Eleven accessories) in California. Debate continues as to whether you need the Lotus Sport upgraded brakes and the anti-slip rear. The stock fuel tank is small (ten gal). They now have fixed the gremlins that were causing fuel starvation when the fuel tank ran low and the car was engaged in long left hand turns. FIA fuel cells of various capacities are available from Lotus Sport but are expensive and labor intensive to install. It is widly accepted that slicks should not be used on the car unless a dry sump system is fitted (something that Lotus is working on). The Accusump system fitted to the car is still not enough to protect the bearings and top end in long left hand turns (the car's obvious nemisis!). Other Lotus Sport accessories are available. Bibs has just posted on this forum the latest and greatest Lotus Sport accessory catalog. Check it out. If possible, see if you can ask the dealer to have Lotus install the accessories to your 2-Eleven during assembly. That would eliminate having spare parts you don't need and also hopefully save you some "install" money. I've never driven the Atom but those who have say there is no comparison to the 2-Eleven. Most reports of the Atom say that it is frightening fast and terrifying to drive! The 2-Eleven can be tail happy and is real sensitive to tire pressures over 28#'s hot. Everyone who has purchased the car, is pleased with it. It's an absolute hoot to drive. If you've only owned big iron before, you're in for a real treat if you purchase a 2-Eleven. Once you drive a car that weighs less than 2,000 lbs you never want to go back. If you have any questions, don't hesitate contacting me. Bill
  5. I'll be there with the 2-Eleven for the Barber track day. Also, FYI: Was also going to bring the 23B for the advertised "Vintage" race that runs simultaneous @ Barber with the LOG 29 weekend. Upon further investigation, the advertised "Vintage" race is not vintage after all so those who had similar plans may want to reconsider as I have. Bill
  6. Bibs, et al, Ditto and ditto both Al's and Paul's remarks. A special thanks to you Bibs for all of your efforts. I'd also like to extend, as I think we all would, holiday greetings and a Merry Christmas to all of the Lotus employees and especially those who may frequent this web site. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to the marque. Without you we would not be proud 2-Eleven owners and bearerers of the smiles ( ) we carry each day! Merry, Merry! Bill
  7. Bibs, You've been busy lately! Thanks for all the information. In the interest of we owners that even trailering our cars to Hethel is terribly impractical, how about a video webinar or a DVD copy of the seminar once it has been completed? Although many of us are very envious of UK owners who can avail themselves of direct factory support, I would think that Lotus would be interested in getting this type of service available internationally. Bill
  8. Bibs, Ask that the adaptable "bits and pieces" be posted to the Lotus Sport webpage with a part number listed so that dealers can access that information for us. Thanks. Bill PS Thanks for the 2-Eleven Forum graphics. Consider them properly and proudly displayed!
  9. Al, I'm not sure that there is a K&N filter available for any of the Elise/Exige variants, including the 2-Eleven. Blackwatch Racing has the "green" air filter for Elises and Exiges. I have yet to get into the 2-Eleven airbox. Like the Exige and Elise, it doesn't look to be something that I'd like to tackle daily! I'm sure the guys at Blackwatch could tell you if the green filter is adaptable. There is a post in Elise Talk of a custom airbox that uses a TRD filter. See if you can check that out. I also think Lotus Sport has an accessory filter which may be the one in the 2-Eleven or even be the green filter. I doubt that any accessory filter, however, will make a significant difference in performance over the OEM air filter. The 2-Eleven has no catalytic converter on US models. The stock exhaust system was fitted to meet any restrictive track noise requirement similar to the most stringent in the UK. Everyone is in agreement that the 2-Eleven sounds more like a sewing machine in stock form than it does a race car. With the stock exhaust and stock motor mounts, the driver has little feel for what RPM the car is doing. The best exhaust system is either the Larini 6" Club Sport available from Sector 111 or the 2bular exhaust available from Blackwatch or 2bular themselves in the UK. You may get faster service from Blackwatch if they have it in stock rather than dealing direct with 2bular. I think you will be pleased with the Larini which the majority of us have installed in the US. Bill
  10. Bibs, I think most all of what has been mentioned and suggested in this thread has been beat to death in others or is now standard equipment on the GT4. If Lotus is truly trying to keep the initial purchase price of the 2-Eleven at a reasonable number, but in the interest of future owners, I think a majority of the mentioned items here should be available at the time of order and installed at the factory. That way a customer can buy a bare bones 2-Eleven at a reasonable entry level price or, for those who want more, they can pay for them up front as opposed to having to later purchase and install Lotus Sport accessories or aftermarket accessories. Why pay for two sets of motor mounts, two exhaust systems, an extra fire extinguisher, a useless instrument binnacle, two driver seats, two fuel tanks, two differentials, two gearboxes, etc., etc., etc.! In essence, a perspective owner could build his/her own GT4 if they so desired. Like everybody, I'm thrilled with the car. Most of us, however, are used to the nuances of Lotus ownership and willingly (I think that is probably a poor word choice!) accept these aggravations. New owners could easily be dissuaded if they are privy to what we now know! Bill Al, The two velcro straps (I think along the inside seam of the cap) wrap around the top horizontal roll bar. The single velcro strap is to wrap around the center stick mirror. The vinyl covered metal pieces hook into the wheel wells. You have to bend them to the right tension. If you get the velcro straps on the roll bar with the orientation of the mirror strap to the front, you should be able to figure it out. And if all of this doesn't frustrate you or make you feel stupid, try and fold the cap back up and get it back into its pouch! Bill
  11. Al, Finally, someone also finds fault with the new (useless) mirrors. I don't think Lotus gave anymore thought to these mirrors than they did the original "stick" mirrors. I appreciate Del's comment, but that doesn't seem to solve the real problem. We all need to look for accessory replacement mirrors. Bill
  12. Al, The 24 and 26 are cold pressures. They further suggest that you check after 5 laps for 28 lbs. Chances are, if the original setting was 24/26, the pressure after getting the tires up to temp will be over 30#'s. According to Nick Adams, the OEM tires go away very quickly at 30 and better lbs. of pressure. I've also found this the case which adds to the "tail happy" nature of the beast. There have been other threads on this forum dealing with tire pressures and it seems that those with the most experience are running hot at or near the Lotus 24/26 cold pressures. The best way is to experiment and use of a tire pyrometer to get the best pressures for your driving style and that required of the track. Bill
  13. Jon, If you are from the States, most of us have purchased the 6" Larini Sports exhaust system from Sector 111. All who have purchased this Larini or Larinis in the past for their Elise/Exige cars have been quite happy with the quality and exhaust note. It seems that most of the UK 2-Eleven owners have stayed with the Lotus Sport exhaust systems. If you are a new owner, you should also check out the threads on fuel starvation, slicks, tire pressures, and the more rigid Lotus Sport motor mounts or the motor mount inserts available from a source here in the States. Bill
  14. Mick, Who will be the sanctioning body for the race, SVRA, HSR, etc.? Bill
  15. Jo and Rob, Interesting comments, thanks. Jo, your tire pressures are very interesting and considerably lower than what Lotus recommends. I would assume this is based on tire temps taken at the track or with the "tyresure monitor" (I've already e-mailed an inquiry!). These numbers are close to what I run on my 23 but those are bias tires. Reducing to those pressures would surely give the car more grip and take away some, if not all, of the oversteer tendency (to a point of creating understeer?). Bill
  16. Rob, This is an interesting comment by the race team. As noted by Jack, myself, and others in the forum, the car's weight distribution and standard suspension settings lend itself to oversteer, and we in the states have the aero pack as standard equipment. I've also found that the car is very sensitive to correct tire pressure. This was recently confirmed to me by Nick Adams who said that any tire pressure of 30#'s or more (F&R) when hot, will cause the grip to degrade rapidly. The O/M calls for 24#'s/26#'s (F/R) and 28#'s (F&R) after five laps. On a recent cold morning, I set the pressure to 24/26 but after five laps and a considerable off-track spin, I found the tire pressures to have elevated to 32#'s. Reducing the tire pressure back to 29#'s made a considerable (positive) difference in the handling. Unfortunately, I was not able to get any tire temps during this track event. I hope to do so later this month which should aid in setting the car up. Every driver has his/her preferences in the way they drive a car. I'm having difficulty in adjusting to the LTC but feel that it's in my best interest to get better times. I think there will be as many opinions about the correct set-up of the car as there are owners (including race teams). Adding splitter and wing size and wing angle only compounds the problem. Since few of us have crews or personal knowledge to dial in settings that will work to our absolute benefit, to say nothing of from track to track or varing track conditions, the best we can do is work with the suggested standard settings Lotus has given us as a base and then gradually work from there. Getting information from this forum may hasten the process, but not fine tune it. Ten years after racing my 23, suspension settings continue to be a frustrating work-in-progress! Bill
  17. say nothing of tow hooks on front and rear! I'd bet Mr. Oz has a dealer plate on the car (from his business) and that he, like the rest of we "states" owners, signed our life away to the "feds" (3X) promising never to drive the car on the street or attempt to make it street legal for fear of being punished and fined as if we "were the manufacturer"! Mr. Oz, just where did the tow hooks come from? Were they a recent modification/update from the factory that were delivered as OEM? Make sure you check out the caveats on the forum re: fuel starvation (aka surge), fitting the car with slicks, tail happy handling, OEM engine mounts, and OEM antiseptic exhaust system. Any interest in going to Grattan on October 24th? Bill
  18. For those of us who are satisfied with the OEM tank size and don't need a fuel bag that meets FIA standards, there may be light at the end of the tunnel from Lotus to repair the fuel surge problem. You may want to sit tight (but don't yet hold your breath) before you spend what's left of your retirement dollars, euros or pounds! Bill
  19. .............the stiffer the better! I ran one session with the OEM mounts and the 2-Eleven exhibited the same sloppy shifting of Elise/Exige variants. I was not able to get my hands on the Lotus Sport bushings in time to do my latest track time so I ordered the "inserts" from Manley. Delivery was great, installation instructions complete, installation was pretty elementary, and they can be taken out just as easily as they were put in returing the car to OEM. Although the car exhibited vibration at idle, I'm not convinced that the "inserts" gave the 2-Eleven the crisp shifting that everyone claims for the Lotus Sport bushing replacement. As Jack said, and Shinoo also told me, whatever more rigid mount you choose over OEM, it probably shouldn't be used in a strictly street car and questionable even in a car only occasionally used on track. In an effort to get more positive shifting, I'm going to install the Lotus Sport (or Sector 111) mounts over the Manley inserts before my next track event to see if there is a perceived difference. Bill
  20. Guys, My bitch was that the only option I had when ordering the car was color, which for me was a no-brainer, BRG! Since I don't plan on racing the car (SCCA sucks!), I have no real bitch with the OEM fuel tank, other than it doesn't work for the focus of the car (track use only in the US). My problem is that after paying for all of the stock OEM components, now I'm faced with buying Lotus Sport options (or aftermarket) and the possible expense of installation of the replacement components. If Lotus was interested in keeping the cost of the car down, one way would have been to give the purchasing customer the option of not having to buy (in the possible future) two fuel tanks, two sets of motor mounts, two fuel suppression systems, two exhaust systems, two differentials, two brake systems, two seats, two lubrication systems, etc, etc, etc. And since we in the US didn't get the first "dibs" on the car, all of these issues should have been worked out before I made an early commitment to the car. You guys in the UK are lucky. Lotus Sport is probably closer to you than my dealer is to me. The inconvenience of the 750 mile (1,207km) round trip is also costly. As I said to Nick in my first e-mail to him, this is all meant to be constructive. Knowing full well most of we males have ADD and are very poor "finish" carpenters, I implore all of you to keep the letters coming. Only then will Lotus be the car company Lotus wants it to be. Unfortunately for the rest of us, regardless, we'll always be taking the hook!..................and now I'm off my orange crate and off to the track (feathering the throttle thru all left handers!) with a bunch of Loti! Have a good weekend! Bill
  21. Mark (and Johnny), I've installed the 6" Club Sport Larini on the car but they also have an 8" that is quieter. You might want to ask Shinoo at Sector 111 for his recommendation. Preliminarily, the 6" does not sound as loud as my 23B with a straight through exhaust. Do they no longer allow twin-cams to run straight through exhausts at Laguna? My 23 or the 6" doesn't compare with the noise of the 800cc and especially 990cc MotoGP bikes. The Larini's are also several pounds lighter than the stock "monster" can. As for the fuel starvation problem, the Lotus quick fix answer is the FIA optional fuel bag which is costly and labor intensive to install. Nick Adams said that Lotus was (slowly) working on a fix for the stock fuel tank. I haven't heard of any recent developments but since Nick reads this forum, what's the latest Nick? It is a serious problem as you've found out, Mark, and totally unacceptabe for a car with the 2-Eleven's focus. In an amusement park, my spin would have been classified as a great thrill but one I'm not looking forward to duplicating on the track again! Also, FYI, I installed the motor mount inserts from last Saturday. If it accomplishes what the Lotus Sport bushings do (I can already feel the vibration at idle) and they hold up, they're easier to install, less expensive, and allows you to return to stock without the total repurchase of the OEM rubber bushings. I have a four post lift but I changed the exhaust and inserts in less than three hours. I'm running at Grattan (Michigan) this weekend. Like so many have reported, the car steers like an (over) sharp knife. I want to get some good tire temps to see if some minor tweeks of the suspension geometry might be in order to make a difference in the steering's (over) sensitivity. I'll be able to report back on all of this next week. Hope this helps. Bill PS Nick we're all waiting!
  22. Mark, If you haven't read my "New 2-Eleven Owner" post by whl3, you may want to especially as it pertains to slicks and fuel starvation. I'm running my car for the second time in two weeks. I've installed the 6" Larini Club Sport exhaust and the stiffer "Track Hq" motor mount inserts. I'm hoping that the Track Hq mounts will be equal to the Lotus Sport versions in providing some "feel" in the car and more positive shifting action. The Track Hq mount inserts don't require that you cut out the OEM rubber mounts and are less expensive. During this track session, I hope to get some good tire temps and then maybe make some adjustments in the suspension geometry to get some of the oversteer out of the car. The stock exhaust is meant for the more noise restrictive tracks in the UK. Between no noise and no feel, the car just seemed too antiseptic and didn't communicate enough to the driver for the track. Good Luck! Bill
  23. US models are fitted with the FIA approved Ricaro race seat. It is a tight fit for my more mature body! It looks like the seat mount could be moved back about a 1/2-3/4 of an inch (sorry guys I'm too old to learn metrics!) and have some rake added to it. I currently take out the seat pad and lower back pad to provide some additional leg room and a better angle of view to the instrument binnacle (and unreadable "idiot" lights!). Lotus recognizes that this wasn't the best of fitment of a seat but it was what was available. According to Nick Adams, they are working on a better FIA seat that will provide additional legroom, some tilt, and be HANS compatable. Bill
  24. It should be known that my car, when delivered, was completely off the recommended Lotus suspension geometry and settings. Fortunately the delivering dealer checked it before doing a four corner balance. Make sure when you take new delivery that your dealer has checked this out. If he is not capable, take it to a qualified alignment center to have it checked out. No sense getting off on the wrong foot. Lotus is aware of this problem and embarrassed of it. This may be a one off problem but it never hurts to check. Bill
  25. Derrick, Now that's what I like, honesty! Also, it's good to know that there is another Fred Flintstone out there trying to fit into a Lotus!
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