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  1. As for the oil filter, we all recognize that Lotus doesn't make the part, however, there are several different varieties of Toyota oil filters with different part numbers that are all adaptable to the Toyota 2ZZ-GE engine. The big difference is in the pressure relief valve at the bottom of the filter. I'm at LOG (but Nick Isn't!) and don't have all of the numbers but I think my Elise, Exige S and 2-Eleven all came with (slightly if not in part number only) different oil filters by Toyota. While the 2-Eleven was at the dealer for some other servicing, I sent him some of the specified oil for the engine and a Toyota filter which I assumed to be the correct part. He called me and told me that the Service Rep for Lotus USA cautioned him against using anything but an OEM Lotus oil filter ($14.95!). Upon inspection, it was different than the filter I had given him and the latest filters that I had ordered for the Exige S. At this point, we need to have someone clarify what the Toyota oil filter part number is that came from the factory on a 2-Eleven prior to any oil change and filter being performed. The OEM from Lotus USA is white and has no Toyota markings on it. I worked for Honda when the first Civic was released. They had a lot of problems with non-OEM filters being blown from their mount becaue of a faulty, or no, pressure relief valve in the replacement filter.


  2. Bibs:

    Once again I find myself envious of 2-Eleven owners from the UK. Not only do you have generally active dealers (like B&C) and Lotus Cars/Lotus Sport nearby for support, you get a chance to meet with other 2-Eleven Forum members. I for one would like to put some faces with names of people from the forum and Lotus Cars. At your next get together, how about some group pictures putting some names with some faces. We'll try and reciprocate from the States with a group picture of attending 2-Eleven owners at LOG 29 in another 10 days. Thanks.


  3. KL

    You may or may not have the new FIA Carbon Fibre Hans approved seats. The new seats were to be first put in the Exige 260 cars. And because of production constraints, initially there were only going to be seats available for those cars. If you have an SVA car, you may only have the standard Elise/Exige derivatives. Your dealer or Nick Adams could have this confirmed. Regardless, it appears that the real crux of the problem may be in the seat mount if you still have that much room under your seat. Even if the new seats are fitted to the standard adjustable Elise/Exige seat track, I doubt that this will produce the lowest possible seat height (especially if some rake is desireable). In that case either a custom seat mount or a fixed FIM seat mount available from some accessory house may be the only answer.

    Regarding the "wind stream," you will find as most others have, especially tall drivers, the wind buffets you helmet pretty signifficantly at speed. I'm 6'2" and it buffets me more than does my 23B at speed. I understand the taller Lotus Sport accessory windscreen reduces this as does the RFP or carbon fibre tonneau cover, also available from Lotus Sport.

    Good luck this week with the car. Like all of us have found, you're in for a treat!


  4. KL,

    You are not the first person to make that observation, especially if you are one of the bigger drivers (like I am) of the 2-Eleven. When I took delivery of mine last year besides finding the Ricaro seat a bit snug and upright, my helmet was at the same level as was the top of the roll bar. This seating position also precluded a good view of the instrument binnacle. Nick Adams response was that there was a seat in the works within Lotus to fix that issue and that the Ricaro seat was used as an FIM compliant seat that addressed Lotus immediate needs. Consequently, I did not "fiddle" with the seat mounting and waited for the new seat to be released. I've since purchased two pre-production prototypes of the new "Exige 260" seats when they were made available from Lotus Sport. The new seats will fit up to the standard Elise/Exige seat rails but they give limited adjustment and/or placement for what you are looking for in the seat.

    My car has been at the dealer since the Detroit Auto show. One of the many things they've done to it was to install the new "260" driver's seat on a custom mount. According to Lotus, any FIM fixed seat mount would work. Rather than take the chance of ordering seat mounts from an accessory house that required custom fitment to the car, we made custom seat mounts that fit the exact seat and floor mounting holes.

    I have yet to sit in the car but apparantly this does the trick. After talking with me, the seat position was placed in the car (on the floor with a slight rake rearwards) using a person at the dealersip similar in size to me. According to him, the seat remains snug to the body but provides considerably more distance below the roll bar and a helmet and the instraments are now much easier to see (but not necessarily readable!).

    I think all new 2-Elevens will eventually have these seats installed. Depending on your location, you may be able to order a seat directly through Lotus Sport or be forced to go through a dealer or distributor. I hope this helps.


  5. Tony,

    It's been my recommendation for some time to allow perspective owners to spec out the 2-Eleven with just the equipment they want and have it installed at the factory, including a full lighting kit. You know Arnie Johnson at Lotus Cars USA well enough to help push this through. Nick Adams at Lotus Cars UK is the "brain trust" behind the 2-Eleven and pretty responsive (as car manufacturers go!) to Lotus owner/potential owner requests. I'd also try that route. I know first hand from Arnie what a real pain it was to get the first cars into this country. At the time, Arnie didn't need any additional accessory variables to deal with. Now that some time has elapsed and the EPA doesn't see the roadways clogged with 2-Elevens, the process may have become easier. No matter what your expertise may be in importing grey market vehicles, going this route may be the simplest and wisest in the long run. See you at LOG 29.

    Bill Luken

  6. This looks like a good answer to the "row boat" shifter on the 2-Eleven (as well as, all Elise/Exige variants) when coupled with the "Lotus Sport" type engine mounts. Troy claims to have sent this kit to several 2-Eleven owners including some in Europe but could not (or would not) reveal the names. Right now he is awaiting for a shipment with upgraded rod ends. I plan on getting one of these kits but won't be able to track test it for a number of weeks. If anyone has had any previous experience with this kit, please pass on your experience in the forum.


  7. 1. What is the availability of all of the products advertised in the Lotus Sport catalog? Pricing? Euros and US dollars.

    2. Any consideration on volume discounts for "pre-production" Lotus Sport 2-Eleven accessory ordering?

    3. Will Lotus ever make the 2-Eleven available "to order" with Lotus Sport options installed at the factory?

    4. Is a different cylinder head (or engine) with direct injection being given any consideration? New type supercharger or


    5. Is the sequential gearbox the answer to the OEM box when used in higher hp engines or strictly for racing?

    6. When will the Evora shed weight? Are there any plans for it to be available in a Porsche GT3 type variation?

    7. When are you going to complete the 23 restoration? :wacko:

  8. Nick,

    Ditto Scotty's and Paul's remarks. Now besides the 2-Eleven and the 23B, we now have something else in common, back problems. I had surgery three years ago for spinal stenosis. It was no fun. If you are confronted with surgery, the advancements even since my surgery are huge. I'll send you some of the Stateside web sites for some education. Get well soon!


  9. Two sided tape, you've got to be kidding me. I think I'll rivet mine. This looks to be another future dilemma for Lotus similar to the 23's where because of inaccurate build records only 131 were built but there are 175 still in existance! In another forty years, maybe we should let the next generation of Lotus 2-Eleven owners worry about the true number of cars built! It's good to know that in today's crazy world, some things never change!


  10. Dan,

    I'm not sure when Lotus officially called a certain build number a 2009 model. Only Lotus Cars USA or possibly Bibs could confirm this. All 2009 models, theoretically, should be 260hp and have a fuel tank with a revised pick-up to eliminate fuel surge on a low fuel situation in long left hand high "G" force turns. You had a front tow hook on your car. Are all newer cars so equipped? I'm not sure what other changes there might be. I would think that Matt's build number would be a 2008 model. It's also earlier than mine (as is yours) and #193 was the first delivered in the States (July 2008). Lotus has always been infamous for making minor mid-stream model year changes with poor records documenting them (whatever is left in the part's bin!). I think these cars are also made in batches so that further compouinds the problem. Good thing they're a blast to drive!


  11. Matt,

    Welcome! You'll find a lot of good information on the forum. Look at some of my early comments from some initial impressions of the car (slicks, traction control, LSD, instrumentation, USA driver's seat, engine mounts, etc.). If your car is a true 2009, you should not have to worry about fuel surge caused from low fuel in the OEM tank. Many of these issues you should at least be somewhat familiar having previously owned an Exige "S". Good luck!


  12. The first time I ran the "Glen" in my 23B it rained a monsoon that weekend (very typical for Watkins Glen). Water would collect in the spark plug area of the cam towers of the Twin Cam and drown it out. With all of the elevation changes, it does drain pretty well. And as for the comments about "ovals", Watkins Glenn was the scene of many of the early US Grand Prix races. NASCAR, however, does run the "short" Glen but not the "boot" part of the course. Notice the close proximity of the Armco to the track. The Indy cars now run the "full" Glen to a point of being a demolition derby! Obviously, the track does not qualify for FIA/FIM current standards. Central New York State, however, is one of the most beautiful areas in the eastern part of the States.


  13. Ralf,

    I also think you (and Nick) have excellent taste. If it's British, isn't it supposed to be BRG! Color was my only option at the time of order and I really didn't perceive that to be an option. Regardless of color or what your previous experience has been in 4-wheels, you're in for a real treat with the 2-Eleven. You'll also benefit from comments made in the Forum from members and also from what comments Lotus has since acted upon. Good luck!


  14. Jack,

    As you probably know, you got the replacement fuel tank that was slated for my car. I relinquished it because by the time it got to the States, I couldn't guarantee that I'd get to test it for several months (weather related). I've been in touch with Nick Adams and he confirmed that your testing has convinced them that they have a cure for the fuel starvation problem. The revised tank will be fitted to all new '09 2-Elevens but Lotus has yet to decide how they are going to handle retrofits of existing cars. I've kept quiet about this until now but I think it's time for all of the current owners of the regular tanks that are subject to fuel surge to get in touch with Lotus and request a retrofit tank. The 2-Eleven should have been better tested, especially when this was a problem with the Elise/Exige cars, before they released it with a tank that would be subject to fuel surge in long left handers.

    ..............and while on high "G" force long left handers, I'd still advise that if you frequent tracks with these you do not fit the 2-Eleven with slicks and risk oil starvation.


  15. Ramon,

    Adam was more specific about what comes on the car in the US. Download the 2-Eleven brochure link that he gave and that should answer all of your questions. I think the US model is still only available in one version but all Elise/Exige colors are now available. Try, however, to see if the factory can mount the Lotus Sport accessories that you might want at the time of assembly. Bibs recently gave a link for the 2009 Lotus Sport catalog. This will cut the final cost and install aggravation of replacement parts to the OEM parts. I think the new cars also have a tow eye in the front and rear as standard equipment. And as I said, the OEM fuel tank "fuel surge" issue has been corrected. Your car should come with the upgraded fuel tank.

    You may want to check out my "first impression" of the car in my first introduction to the forum.

    Once again, if you have further questions and would like to talk with me, e-mail me direct with your phone number and a time that is best to contact you.


  16. Ramon,

    I'm not sure what is available to you in Canada but in the US the only option available at time of order is color. Ours came with the "track pack" which was the Ohlns suspension, supercharger, and Recaro seat. US models have no front driving or marker lights but do have rear running and brake lights. Most everybody agrees that you immediately need an accessory exhaust system (the stock is way too quiet and sanitary) and the Lotus Sport urethane motor mounts (aids in shifting feel and reduces fatigue to exhaust system). Both the exhaust and engine mounts can also be purchased from Sector 111 (a popular supplier of aftermarket Elise/Exige/2-Eleven accessories) in California. Debate continues as to whether you need the Lotus Sport upgraded brakes and the anti-slip rear. The stock fuel tank is small (ten gal). They now have fixed the gremlins that were causing fuel starvation when the fuel tank ran low and the car was engaged in long left hand turns. FIA fuel cells of various capacities are available from Lotus Sport but are expensive and labor intensive to install. It is widly accepted that slicks should not be used on the car unless a dry sump system is fitted (something that Lotus is working on). The Accusump system fitted to the car is still not enough to protect the bearings and top end in long left hand turns (the car's obvious nemisis!).

    Other Lotus Sport accessories are available. Bibs has just posted on this forum the latest and greatest Lotus Sport accessory catalog. Check it out. If possible, see if you can ask the dealer to have Lotus install the accessories to your 2-Eleven during assembly. That would eliminate having spare parts you don't need and also hopefully save you some "install" money.

    I've never driven the Atom but those who have say there is no comparison to the 2-Eleven. Most reports of the Atom say that it is frightening fast and terrifying to drive! The 2-Eleven can be tail happy and is real sensitive to tire pressures over 28#'s hot. Everyone who has purchased the car, is pleased with it. It's an absolute hoot to drive. If you've only owned big iron before, you're in for a real treat if you purchase a 2-Eleven. Once you drive a car that weighs less than 2,000 lbs you never want to go back.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate contacting me.


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