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  1. TAM & PGN

    I agree with PGN as I've tracked an Elise, an Exige, and Exige "S", and now the 2-Eleven. They're all the same. Sometimes I feel like I'm just rowing a boat. B&M offered something a couple of years ago but I was advised not to get it as it didn't make any significant difference. Elise Parts in the UK had something for the Series I car but to my knowledge no one has yet developed a cure for the stock gear change system in the Series II cars. Sector 111 or Hanger 111 would be a good source to ask. Quaife has some interesting alternatives for the really hardcore ($$$$$) that were developed for the Toyota varient of our drivetrains. I've not heard of any of we casual track fanatics anteing up for one. In th US the exclusive distributor for Quaife (also Torsen/Quaife LSD's) is Taylor Engineering ( They are extremely knowledgeable and willing to share their technical expertise (all in an attempt for you to buy!).


  2. DEL211 -- Yep.

    With the stock fuel tank there is a real (acknowledged) problem with fuel starvation, or in Lotus terminology, fuel surge, on fast left hand turns. Keep the tank full (it's a thirsty car!) or buy the aux fuel bag. Lotus is working on a fix for the stock tank. Like many of Nick's responses, many of the 2-Eleven's issues were done in the interest of keeping the cost of a "track" car reasonable as opposed to an all out no holds bared "race" car.

    The fuel filler pipe my words, not Nicks. Once again cost was the determining factor. If you are using a can and funnel you don't know if the tank is full untill it overflows. You can't stick a wooden dowel down the filler neck to check the level or determine fuel consumption. The fuel gauge is as worthless on the 2-Eleven as it is on my Elise/Exige. The FIA tank bag may be the answer.

    They are working on a "race dash" that will have a data logger (and real gauge readouts!). It will be expensive but will get rid of the standard Elise/Exige instrument binnacle that is unreadable and useless in an open top car. Once again expense was an issue.

    A new seat is in the works that fits better in the car, is FIA approved, and is more adaptable to we "Fred Flintstone" (read larger) types. It will provide more legroom, have tilt available, and be HANS compatable.

    Do not put slicks on your car. Fast left handers (a real 2-Eleven nemesis!) can cause oil starvation and potential engine failure (from Roger Becker). They are working on a dry sump system for the car that will allow slicks. Moroso and/or other baffled and larger oil pans are not the answer.

    A higher/reliable HP (rumored to be 275 HP) kit will also soon be available from Lotus.

    The ultra quiet anticeptic exhaust system was installed because of the UK restrictions at tracks. Apparently, stock Elises and Exiges have trouble meeting the noise regulations of most UK tracks. Larini (Sector 111) has two exhausts that will fit and Lotus has one as well. I'm all in favor of quiet but the car is so balanced (and deceptively fast), it has no feeling without some sound.

    I don't think Lotus is a fan of limited slip. What I thought was my problem with variable Lotus Traction Control was fuel starvation (the wildest spin I've ever been in!) so I'll reserve my opinion on LTC (and a LSD) until my next time out. The O/M is confusing, however, in how it reads if the LTC is completely off or will allow only 12% slip before coming in. It is off when the knob is turned completely clockwise and the dash light is on (which you can't see!). If the knob is turned all the way clockwise and the dash light is not illuminated, it will allow 12% slip. Nick says that everyone that gets used to the LTC has better times and that it is seamless in cutting in. Mine surely wasn't seamless but then again, it was fuel starvation. Nick thinks that at the 1-2 o'clock position of the knob, LTC provides about 7-8% slip which he feels to be optimum. As he said, I'm probably from the old school and would rather steer with the throttle as much as I would the wheel but I'll give these "new fangled" electronics one more try!

    I wondered why all cars didn't come with the big brakes. Again, Nick isn't in favor of them unless you have slicks, are a way better driver than you think you are, or you're just looking for "bling" in which case they will gladly take your money.

    Lastly, my car was delivered to the dealer with the suspension geometry and settings way out of wack when compared with the standard settings recommended by Lotus. Fortunately, my dealer is a good one (Auto Europe in Birmingham, Michigan) and checked the settings (and did a four corner balance suitable for Fred Flintstone) before delivering the car to me. Nick and Lotus USA were very upset at the car leaving the factory that way and will work to have this resolved. Make sure you have yours checked by someone who can do responsible alignments!

    I had several times e-mailed the "circuit car" electronic newsletter with no response. Boy was I surprised to find a lengthy response to me e-mail when I came to work the next day. Nick also has a 23B so maybe it's the brotherhood of 23's that got such a quick response but to be honest, I think not. Lotus and Nick in particular is really interested in the success of the 2-Eleven and regards we owners as, I hate to say it, something special. He truly valued my input as I truly valued his responses. It was really great to know that Lotus was already working on fixes for many of my complaints/suggestions. Lotus cars are unique, as well as their owners! We are vital to their continued success and operation. I wouldn't have received that treatment from Porsche or God forbid Ferrari! It made me even more glad that I anted up the $$$ for the 2-Eleven, even if I think it should have been called the 2-Twenty-Three!

    Hope this helps guys and that some day a majority of us can have a "pint" together. Makes me now wish I was going for the 60th!


  3. Yep, it was July 31st. Time flys by fast when you're having this much fun! I met Patrick at the LOG. He left for California before Monday's track day.

    I'll get to the Esprit forum and sign up. My CE is #10 and has about 25,000 miles on it. Still fun to take out every once and a while.

  4. Hello to all. I'm Bill Luken from Cincinnati, Ohio; USA, and was the first customer to have a 2-Eleven delivered to in the US, Build #193. I am a long time Lotus fan dating back to my mid-teens (40+ years ago!) when I could only dream of owning an original new Elan. I finally bought my first Lotus in 1988, a new Esprit Turbo Commemorative Edition of which I still own and the only Lotus of mine that I have yet to track (it's a "fit" thing!). Soon after, I bought a 1967 Elan S3 DHC, still in my posession. Next was a new M100 Elan in 1991 that provided me with my first track experience (as well as my wife's and daughter's). I've owned a 23B since 1993 and have vintage raced it since 1995. The purchase of a Series II US Elise in 2005 required the sale of the M100. The Elise ownership passed to my daughter when I bought a 2006 Exige. I traded the Exige for an Exige "S" in 2007. I took possession of the BRG 2-Eleven on August 31st, in route to LOG 28. I seated the rings on August 4th at Putnam Park, LOG 28's track day.

    I've followed the 2-Eleven from almost its inception and was an immediate subscriber to the "circuit car" electronic newsletter from Lotus Cars, UK. Not the best of justification, but I wanted more track seat time with the same thrill of the 23B but in a more reliable car and at a more reasonable expense!

    After my first track experience, I had several questions (variable LTC, LSD, fuel starvation, antiseptic exhaust, set up, slicks, dry-sump lubrication, fuel filler opening, instrumentation, upgraded brakes, seat and seat position, and Lotus upgraded HP) that I directed to Nick Adams at Lotus Cars. He promptly returned my e-mail with a lot of very informative information. He suggested that I join the forum to share information with fellow owners, so here I am. I'm too old to get cute with these "threads", but I'll try my best!

    I look forward to being a part of a pretty exclusive and proud 2-Eleven community.


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