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  1. Hello, My door will not open on occasion, too. I have a 1990 SE. I have lubricated all door latch parts and also lubricated the rubber seals. I believe the bushing (I'm not sure if that is the correct name for the part -- see arrow on first picture) that rides inside the Latch Release Slider is worn down. There is a lot of space between the top of the bushing and where it hits the inside top of the Latch Release Slider. What is the name of this part and does anyone know where I can buy it? Or, is that part simply like a star washer to hold the rod in place? Does that bushing look like my drawing? I'm thinking if there were plastic material inside the slot of the Latch Release Slider then the bushing would hit sooner and be able to lift the Latch Release Slider. Thank you in advance everybody. Dan
  2. Sparky said the rear calipers DON'T rotate as they self-adjust. I don't understand, because I had to rotate the calipers to get them to compress, so logically wouldn't they rotate back as they extend? My big questions: 1) Is that nub supposed to be there? The only way to install the rear pad pictured is to put the nub in the slot on the face of the caliper piston, so 2) Will the caliper and brakes be damaged as the caliper extends because of the interference between the nub and the caliper?
  3. Thanks for the replies everybody. I decided to go with the Centric 10505270 Posi-Quiet Ceramic for the front, and so far they seem absolutely fine. For the rear pads I bought the Centric 10411630 Posi-Quiet Semi-Metallic (they didn't have ceramic rear pads), but I haven't installed them yet because I'm not sure they are correct. They fit, but they have a protruding nub on the back (see picture).. The rear pads currently on my car don't have that protrusion. Since the rear calipers require you to rotate/screw the piston to get them to compress, doesn't that mean as they self adjust they will rotate/screw? The only way to get the pads to fit is to put that nub in the slot on the caliper piston. If I do that I don't think the caliper piston will be able to self adjust, because it won't be able to rotate/screw out. Am I incorrect in my logic?
  4. Hello all, What brake pads are recommended for a 1990 Lotus Esprit SE? I'm in the US, I never track or race the car, so I don't need racing pads. I'm asking this question because, when I searched the forums, the most recent infomation posted was from about 10 years ago, so I'm looking for more recent advice. Has anyone tried the Centric 10505270 Posi-Quiet Ceramic and how are they? (They also make a Posi-Quiet Metallic) Is ceramic or metallic better? The Centric pads keep showing up as the only choice on parts sites such as,,, All that and sell are the EBC Yellow ones, and I don't race, so I don't need those. Some have said Porterfield are good. Is that still the case? Porterfield R4-S cost more than 3x as much as the Centric pads -- is it worth that much extra? Thanks in advance, Dan
  5. Hello, Does anyone have a part number for the cam cover gaskets. Any cross reference part numbers would be great, too. I live in the USA, so would like to find something here so I don't have to wait and pay for overseas shipping. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for all the replies, everybody. I've got new wires on order, so when they get here I'll decide which route they will take!
  7. Bibs, Are my wires routed incorrectly? I've attached pictures. This certainly won't be a 10 minute job if they are correct.
  8. Hello, I've got a 1990 Esprit SE, and I'm looking for a step-by-step procedure for changing the spark plug wires. I've searched this (and other) forums, but can't find a procedure. It seems as if the wires go through the center of the engine, underneath the chargecooler and intakes and plenums and turbos and everything else. I really have no desire to dismantle the engine just to change the spark plug wires. Would someone please post a procedure for changing the spark plug wires on a 1990 Esprit SE? Thanks
  9. I've got a 1990 Esprit SE. What does it mean when nothing happens when I try to get the trouble codes? I connect pin A and B of the ALDL, turn the key on (not starting the car), and the check engine light just stays on. After a couple of minutes the check engine light goes off. I've tried the ALDL under the glove box, and the one in the boot's relay box. By the way, the link in matk's post is dead. Thanks, Dan
  10. Hello, Sorry for resurrecting an old subject, but I've got a 1990 Esprit SE and my rear view mirror just broke off. (I guess that stops it from jittering all the time!) The metal broke at the base where it screws in to the roof. However, when I attempted to unscrew the two screws which hold the base to the roof, the screws just spin. The base is somehow firmly attached to the roof, and the screws won't come out. Does the base have hooks or something? Has anyone ever removed their mirror? Any suggestions on repair or where to get a new mirror? Thanks, Dan
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