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  1. Hi Andy Yes, spotted that later and tried to delete my post but couldnt work out how to do it Heard you're building up your collection again !
  2. I'm sure this was formerly andydclements infamous Red Bench
  3. Hi all I have a 99 GT3 and want to replace the window guides as the windows are slow, I have tried SJ Sportscars website but they don't seem to have them. Does anyone know if they are still available from anywhere ?
  4. Yep, that lot will look good on the front of an Esprit !
  5. hah hah hah, thank you to whichever one of you did it !
  6. Hi Ramjet Searching for NARVA 62028BL comes back with green LED lamps, not a relay, do you have any other info ?
  7. Appreciate that would give more light but the relay and 4 new bulbs is a really easy conversion
  8. I would be interested in these if they were still available ?
  9. Name: Lotus Esprit GT3 Click to view: Lotus Esprit GT3
  10. Ordered and looking forward to my special delivery ?
  11. Newts


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