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  1. Hi Andy Yes, spotted that later and tried to delete my post but couldnt work out how to do it Heard you're building up your collection again !
  2. I'm sure this was formerly andydclements infamous Red Bench
  3. Hi all I have a 99 GT3 and want to replace the window guides as the windows are slow, I have tried SJ Sportscars website but they don't seem to have them. Does anyone know if they are still available from anywhere ?
  4. Yep, that lot will look good on the front of an Esprit !
  5. hah hah hah, thank you to whichever one of you did it !
  6. Hi Ramjet Searching for NARVA 62028BL comes back with green LED lamps, not a relay, do you have any other info ?
  7. Appreciate that would give more light but the relay and 4 new bulbs is a really easy conversion
  8. I would be interested in these if they were still available ?
  9. Ordered and looking forward to my special delivery ?
  10. Newts


  11. Bibs JayEmm Elite Arregueti tim_marra gt111 Bjonols Dan E Numanoid TBD NW76 Choppa TomE John Walsh. The Lotus Position Kim Poulsen delands Andmac Jan Blom Jukka mike sekinger ChrisJ Andrew C Frickin Idiot CocoPops Machine7 x2 nigeninja Andiw11 x2 mwl Alfa2Evora Stephen Whyte Nicktype72 LotusLeftLotusRight Bazza Nr2k sizona Obione Luc carl12359 domguy TAR webfoot [email protected] Royal Barrykearley Jacques ROJ Keith rmjh Dragon x3 bingoking Buddsy BigErch Newts
  12. Here's one of my GT3 from Duxford
  13. Great day out, thanks for organising Martyn
  14. is there a cut off date Martyn ? Might be able to make but wont know until the week before
  15. Spotted a black 02 V8 in Northampton this morning. Crap picture from my dashcam
  16. Love that colour, in fact I think Esprit's like most super cars look better in bright colours but got mine at a good price so accepted the colour. The ad doesn't say what the mileage was, can you remember what it was ?
  17. Hello Laika, I kept looking at the ad for weeks then spoke to the owner a few times and then got him to send me pictures before trekking up to see it and that was a fatal move as my destiny was sealed by then ! Thanks Dan, how's the Mutant going ? I remember reading your build updates. I don't have the patience to do something like that myself but would love a similarly upgraded S2.2 Here's a recent picture
  18. Newts

    White Esprit

    White Stephens Esprit just spotted in Mildenhall, looked like a N/A from a the rear valence
  19. Nice car Laika, here's mine !
  20. Following post says it had dropped a valve but still ran. I had mixed up previous owners reports of when the original engine went pop and when this accident happened
  21. If the belts had been changed, surely you would tell people, its a major benefit !
  22. Esprit has just resurfaced on eBay, spookily in Northumberland. Ad doesn't mention the dropped valve in No 4 cyl and claims runs well !
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