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  1. Sizona

    Evora GT430

    I am one of the early 2018 built GT430 Auto owners , There is no variable TC, no dial up traction slip using the +/- buttons as no +/- buttons. They are blanked out, the digital binnacle display will therefore not show the system as present cause it's not! Hope that helps
  2. From above BTnews article this video on RAF Hethel is interesting too. Hethel in first 4-5 mins of the video with Lotus content. Apology if been posted before.
  3. Hi Daniel, was actually in Madrid at weekend when you posted that! Just been in Warren St London to by coincidence. Very interesting article. I lived in Beech Drive London N2 when I was a kid (5 yrs old to 18) , do you know if it was Hazel Chapman's family who lived on corner house there or was It Colins father? Any idea of timeline too? Thanks
  4. Pleased I live near Old Street in Islington about 5 mins from this stupid ULEV area...not! Where I am below street signs up everywhere. Good luck if you can understand it. I'll help, in their infinite wisdom Islington have decided no yellow line parking 24 hours a day Mon - Sunday except for 6 hours midnight to 6am Sun/Mon night/morn. Lucky us! You have to pay all times and use meters etc. nearly 24/7 No wonder I pay for underground parking spaces nearby!
  5. Hey Bibs, thanks for todays email. I will also include my car in the TLF GT430 display. Cheers
  6. Adding No. 9 too please, ta Plan to come along for the afternoon/ evening. Should just be back from holiday by then 1. Dave and Megan (obvious) 2. Paul and Rah (room booked) 3. Sparky and Tracy (room booked) 4. Pete and Sue + "a Grandson" 5. Martin 6. Paul and Denise  7. Trevor 8. internets & Catherine 9. Simon Sizona
  7. Sizona

    S3 Steering Wheel

    Hi Brett I have one in 80-90% perfect condition, please pm with your details and we can sort. I'll send you some photos. Thanks
  8. I have an Evora and a 4C coupe, this after having numerous Exige and Elise over the years. The 4C is fantastic value I think, carbon tub, double clutch auto system (which for me in London is perfect), sounds great and looks great. Yes steering can be problematic but there are ways to minimise that. Recommended.
  9. Was outside the white office building in the car park at the factory with my 430 this morning, 3 guys wander over (who I deemed to be Chinese) Very casual dressed, they looked around the car a bit. I thought I'd be polite, said hello and shook hands all round, no English was spoken by them as pretty brief. Turns out one of them was our new CEO! Nice to see big interest in the car was shown Looked very busy around office areas, lots going on. Nice
  10. Sizona

    Evora GTE Registry

    The last GTE graveyard at the factory before most were re-buit. The yellow car turned into my Arctic Silver one once it was completely stripped and rebuilt.
  11. Sizona

    Evora GT430

    I have also just caught up with this thread. I am also having 'issues' with the factory regarding GT430 which I won't go into on a public forum for now. To say I do feel let down for such a special and expensive product, hopefully things should be sorted out soon. We'll see. Just to add though it has nothing to do with amount of UK RHD cars sold, though agreed that is a kick in the teeth or car quality problems.
  12. I'm with Jonny, think most of us would pay for a ticketed or pay on the door etc to get a 2018 event on board. Or 2019 if too soon to get organised for this year. MBW and Brands always the best car days out of the year. Happy to help if needed. And yes also agree thanks Bibsy for organising over the years.
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