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  1. I've got a copy. Interesting reading and nice that employees get a flavour of what's happening. Not that I work there, be nice too though. I'd have a real good nose around!
  2. Hi Anyone got an Esprit S2 owners manual please? Am looking for one. Thanks
  3. I was in Sardinia few months back and unbelievably forgot about the Bond film filmed there. Haven't got over the fact I forgot yet! Just in case I happened to have driven past the road spot or the been on the beach can you let me know where they are and beach name please? I was staying nearby I think. Ta
  4. Looks good Mark i'm in a similar position with mine, looking forward to getting it finished also never sat in it or driven it etc. I can see in your photo at least my light pods are up! I'm there tomorrow, be nice to see the cars nearly done
  5. Sizona

    Evora GTE Registry

    Am selling an original Mansory GTE alloy if of interest to anyone, came from my one before it was rebuilt at Lotus. Thanks Simon
  6. Saw the procession before looked great. And the T130 is amazing, saw a full preview of it at Goodwood. Lotus done good
  7. Sizona


    Just me and Koko catching up on the wekends Caturday
  8. Sizona

    TLF GT430 Club

    I've driven a lot of the NI roads in some great cars when I was in Ecurie 25 supercar club - we had a base up there so went many times. Agreed, some great roads. Congrats on the GT430 Jimmy, from another owner.
  9. The 'flying' black S2 in your collage (bottom row - 3 in) is a JPS Commemorative freshly painted awaiting decals plus other goodies. Mine Saw you car this week looks nearly finished...what a big job. Congrats.
  10. Thanks for all the info @gvy After a stupid amount of time looking at the options think I will go for the above using the Nankang Toursport NS 215 65 R14 rears and Nankang Ultra Sport NS 2 205 60 R14 even though they don't really look they match. Side view tread pattern quite different between rear and fronts. Do you have any photos of them on your car seeing the size is slightly different to the original spec size and the how they look with different treads as above? I have looked at the Ovation's too which do have full matching set in both original sizing however some reports I have read aren't great. Thanks
  11. Thanks for all the above replies much appreciated. I thought I had a matching set last week but turned out wasn’t correct. I will go through all the suggestions and decide as need to get it sorted. Some good ideas one of which I will have to use. The Dunlop stickers sounds good but don’t want to highlight a bright colour on the tyre walls, I know sounds strange but be good if they did them in Black. Anyone know if that’s possible? Anyway will update tyre choice and let you all know. Cheers
  12. Hopefully in a few months Pete, presuming I can find suitable rubber to drive on!
  13. Thanks Trevor The S2 handbook and all parts bulletins from Lotus back in the day show front for the S2's at 205/60/14 not 195. Seems LEW and the like have the wrong information stating 195. Doubt 70's would fit because of the wheel arch and flares etc.
  14. Has anyone tried to put 195/70/14's on the front instead of the stock 60 ratio?? Did it work, was the clearance around wing okay? Rears are already factory 70 ratio and therefore fine. If 70 all round works it's a great way to get decent tyres that match rear and front, especially period classic ones and not cheap Korean etc ones.
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