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  1. Completely over the top comments - ridiculous.
  2. Hi Barrie Was on Sky TV documentaries National Geographic channel or if you don't have Sky its also on Now TV where you can just pay for the day/week etc. You can stream it too from your computer (online Now TV) but not your Nokia!! Cheers mate
  3. I live in Central London near Old Street, there are three big building contracts still working full throttle near me. The nose of construction in the new quiet is terrible. One is a huge Berkeley Homes contract, another laying fibre optic cable in streets and the other a smaller luxury apartment build. 100's of construction workers nearby come in on the tube, nearly only way to get to work from outer London and they are 'need' to earn money. No work = no money but that means hugely increased CVirus problems. The biggest culprits are the construction companies keeping everything running, I am staying home on own and respecting what is required. The local food shops also really busy with lunch/drink buying. Michael Gove said this morning construction should continue albeit with self space awareness. Yeah right thats going to happen. If they stop the works the tubes etc would be so much queiter and things might actually improve for the rest of us.
  4. Happy Birthday HRS - His Royal Sparkyness Have fun day and evening
  5. ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit or Excel SE. Trevsked top-plumber - Turbo Esprit shelly Schumacher Elan M100 se turbo Vipers - 3-Eleven 430 PainterDave - Excel Composite guru - Elise 220 Cup (work dependant) Sizona - GT430 or JPS Esprit
  6. Thanks Pete Yes was nice to see everyone, had a lovely quick race back home in the 430. Exhaust override open, sport button on and plenty of IPS beauty blips. Fantastic car.
  7. I've got a copy. Interesting reading and nice that employees get a flavour of what's happening. Not that I work there, be nice too though. I'd have a real good nose around!
  8. Hi Anyone got an Esprit S2 owners manual please? Am looking for one. Thanks
  9. I was in Sardinia few months back and unbelievably forgot about the Bond film filmed there. Haven't got over the fact I forgot yet! Just in case I happened to have driven past the road spot or the been on the beach can you let me know where they are and beach name please? I was staying nearby I think. Ta
  10. Looks good Mark i'm in a similar position with mine, looking forward to getting it finished also never sat in it or driven it etc. I can see in your photo at least my light pods are up! I'm there tomorrow, be nice to see the cars nearly done
  11. Sizona

    Evora GTE Registry

    Am selling an original Mansory GTE alloy if of interest to anyone, came from my one before it was rebuilt at Lotus. Thanks Simon
  12. Saw the procession before looked great. And the T130 is amazing, saw a full preview of it at Goodwood. Lotus done good
  13. Sizona


    Just me and Koko catching up on the wekends Caturday
  14. Sizona

    TLF GT430 Club

    I've driven a lot of the NI roads in some great cars when I was in Ecurie 25 supercar club - we had a base up there so went many times. Agreed, some great roads. Congrats on the GT430 Jimmy, from another owner.
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