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  1. Hi thanks for the nudge Pete. Hi Chris. Sorry cannot make it on the 16th hopefully another time though. Be great to get a few JPS together, shame can't be there.
  2. Sizona

    TLF GT430 Club

    It's a lot more than I originally sold it for! 🥵 Fabulous car
  3. I'm gonna miss the lotus mug coffee!! ha, good luck with the surgery mr sparky
  4. Sizona


    Thats terrible Andy, such a shame. Yes you must be well upset and furious. Wish you well.
  5. Have registered be a great excuse to get my JPS Esprit out for a run back to its spiritual home!
  6. Sizona

    TLF GT430 Club

    My old car which I specced from new. Very much missed 😢 Fantastic GT430 for someone.
  7. I have spoken to CS a few times and they are as helpful as they can be. I double checked my spec today just in case! All seemed fine, no nearer knowing actual del date but will be July fingers crossed! (as opposed to the original June del) I wanted to talk to the Lotus finance team to discuss the PCP's etc they are offering and some general but important questions. Especially with the supposed delivery getting much nearer. CS have no phone number for Lotus Financial Services, anyone have a contact number please? They gave me an email address to use but despite me emailing the financial bods no reply yet.
  8. Here is the link now
  9. Was going to put this plate on TLF for sale which I will do this week. In the meantime its available on retention in my name if of interest to anyone. Price £399.00 which is cost.
  10. I was at the television centre last couple of days, they were setting up the TG display, cameras etc. They are filming the new series now, the Emira wasn't there when I was. Will pop down tomorrow see what the Emira is i.e., colour etc. @beady Television Centre is nearly opposite White City tube stn on Wood Lane W10 also opposite Westfield shopping centre. If you go to the tv centre itself you can't miss the Top Gear staging as out in the open in the Helos roundel area.
  11. Oh dear thats sad news. I met her once, lovely lady. RIP
  12. Sizona

    Formula One

    Ridiculous ending. Pleased MB are appealing, Masi gave the race to RB..
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