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  1. Hi Barrie, yes it is from the S3 though it was genuine. Yep got car with me now, few teething problems re smooth running but taking it to Sir Sparky tomo to take a look. Yes we'll arrange to meet up, maybe Ace when it reopens. I'll check when it is. Hi George, I have been checking but nothing yet so hopefully will find one soon. I know SJ have the canvas roll but not sure if I need that, def need wheel changing kit tho. Thanks for the reference. Yes found the correct steering wheel sometime ago, from Australia. Had a boss that fitted it already. Like all of us looking forward to seeing you complete your S2! How you getting on with it?
  2. Thanks Paul I'll keep looking, I do have an S3 toolkit in a plastic tray/box not sure if was OEM though or just what someone had placed in the my old S3. Its in the JPS for now. I'll just have to ride around with the S2 worksop manual! Little large for the glovebox tho
  3. Hi. Having just picked up my S2 after its long resto, I only recently realised it is missing the jack and tools plus no owners handbook. If anyone knows of any availability of any of above be great to get. Oh and the OEM hitachi digital one stereo as well, been looking a looong time for one of those. Thanks
  4. Was trying to book tickets Martyn, on the above link cannot see where to do it!? cannot see Buy Tickets tab Thanks
  5. Yes nice trio. Mine is No 52, nearly finished after a 3 year resto. Will post some more pics of its restoration soon. (Rear hatch not closed)
  6. Yes sorry pics too large not sure why won't work. Will try again tomoz
  7. Pics taken yesterday, family shot.
  8. Yes seems Old Street itself is going to only be for buses, motorbikes and bicycles. Fair enough but again traffic around there isn't bad at all even at normal times. Also to add to previous comments I agree that CC needs to be in operation during the working week and 7am - 6pm is fine. But SEVEN days until 10pm is just a cash machine for making money. Minimal traffic in central London in evenings and weekends so nothing to do with congestion imo. If really pushed I could agree adding Saturday 7am to 6pm and leave Sunday all day free.
  9. Reason Kahn has been made to increase all this is because of his useless handling of TFL (I nearly wrote TLF!) and acceding to the unions controlling it. Plus the billions he has wasted on Crossrail, his management has been truly appalling. His annual fare freeze also doesn't help the coffers. The CC and ULEZ was going to be suspended by him for another 3 weeks but he got told to reinstate immediately. He should have reinstated this week to get some money in (except for key workers etc) The Govt now want to tell him how to do it because he obviously does not have the ability to do himself. Anyway like most London mayor's and MP's they hate the car using public. I live about 30 mts inside the zone and will have to pay the £15.00 every time I take my car out, I do have a runaround I get residents discount on but not my 2/3 times a week used Lotus.
  10. Sizona


    Seems first come first reserved to use my office chair.. !
  11. Completely over the top comments - ridiculous.
  12. Hi Barrie Was on Sky TV documentaries National Geographic channel or if you don't have Sky its also on Now TV where you can just pay for the day/week etc. You can stream it too from your computer (online Now TV) but not your Nokia!! Cheers mate
  13. I live in Central London near Old Street, there are three big building contracts still working full throttle near me. The nose of construction in the new quiet is terrible. One is a huge Berkeley Homes contract, another laying fibre optic cable in streets and the other a smaller luxury apartment build. 100's of construction workers nearby come in on the tube, nearly only way to get to work from outer London and they are 'need' to earn money. No work = no money but that means hugely increased CVirus problems. The biggest culprits are the construction companies keeping everything running, I am staying home on own and respecting what is required. The local food shops also really busy with lunch/drink buying. Michael Gove said this morning construction should continue albeit with self space awareness. Yeah right thats going to happen. If they stop the works the tubes etc would be so much queiter and things might actually improve for the rest of us.
  14. Happy Birthday HRS - His Royal Sparkyness Have fun day and evening
  15. ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit or Excel SE. Trevsked top-plumber - Turbo Esprit shelly Schumacher Elan M100 se turbo Vipers - 3-Eleven 430 PainterDave - Excel Composite guru - Elise 220 Cup (work dependant) Sizona - GT430 or JPS Esprit
  16. Thanks Pete Yes was nice to see everyone, had a lovely quick race back home in the 430. Exhaust override open, sport button on and plenty of IPS beauty blips. Fantastic car.
  17. I've got a copy. Interesting reading and nice that employees get a flavour of what's happening. Not that I work there, be nice too though. I'd have a real good nose around!
  18. Hi Anyone got an Esprit S2 owners manual please? Am looking for one. Thanks
  19. I was in Sardinia few months back and unbelievably forgot about the Bond film filmed there. Haven't got over the fact I forgot yet! Just in case I happened to have driven past the road spot or the been on the beach can you let me know where they are and beach name please? I was staying nearby I think. Ta
  20. Looks good Mark i'm in a similar position with mine, looking forward to getting it finished also never sat in it or driven it etc. I can see in your photo at least my light pods are up! I'm there tomorrow, be nice to see the cars nearly done
  21. Sizona

    Evora GTE Registry

    Am selling an original Mansory GTE alloy if of interest to anyone, came from my one before it was rebuilt at Lotus. Thanks Simon
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