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  1. Apparently had excursion into a ditch. Trailered in I am told so not local.
  2. Travelling out of Chelmsford along Parkway. Why is it the natural reaction to seeing another Esprit is to wave and then realise "Why? I'm driving a mini"
  3. Thanks for helpful replies guys. Upshot is: No sparks turned out to be ignition amplifier gone US. Now fixed and out and about today running sweetly . Thanks again. Nev
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. As its bank holiday I should really be out driving but I now have the opportunity to try out your suggestions. Will let you know how it goes. ps birmingham screwdriver new one on me! best wishes Nev
  5. OK thanks Andy will give that a go. N
  6. Thanks Andy and sorry not to respond sooner. Have attached pictures of spring if that helps.
  7. Just got my S3 N/A back from service MOT etc. and running fine so took for run. No problems and good as new for hour or so then . . . Completely lost power and stopped. No warning lights . Occassionally I can get going again and runs for 5 secs or so then stops again. 2 obviously possible issues but not sure which is cause (if either !!) 1. Spring at rear of back carb (nearest cabin) has become disconnected and lying loose but can't see what it connects to? Is this just a secondary return spring? as the coil springs on each carb (with connecting rod) seem to close carbs OK when throttle off. 2. Electrical connector block which seems to join Speed Limiter into loom has a wire come astray - bugger to reconnect as no room to work and no slack in wire but . . the wire that has come astray just goes into block and had no connection coming away so does it matter if not physically in block? Cant convince myself whether it sounds like a fuel issue or the speed limiter is shutting off ignition due to loose wire - grateful if anyone has any thoughts. Nev
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