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  1. 1999 V8 GT Norfolk Mustard 16.000 Miles SCCDA0826WHC15494 North Lincs
  2. Great Topic , And particularly relevant to me. Yesterday,as the weather is so nice. A round of golf was called for. So, the family car was comandeered ,as my wife informed me she would not be requiring it. On my return, i was told that she had, to use the Esprit at short notice. She could,nt get the handbrake to work properly,and it kept stalling on her. I know i should,nt have left the keys so accessible. But she is now aware that she never ,never,never ever uses it again. Rob.
  3. Count me in. I know Malton specialist cars. I went there when i was looking for an Esprit,just on the off chance they knew of any. Was very impressed with the set up,knowledge and friendliness of the place. Eventually after about an hour , i was extricated by my wife. Who had been waiting patiently in the car. See You There. Rob
  4. Seen a really nice looking V8 heading into Hornsea in East Yorkshire yesterday. Though it was my own car at first.
  5. Thanks very much for your input guys. I needed the reassurance, i have seen them on two post lifts which was my reason for buying. I just did,nt fancy doing some serious damage to the car. Thanks once again. Robbie
  6. Hello Again Everyone, First of all let me say still enjoying my v8 every time i get out in it. Big thanks to all you guys who give up so much of your time to keep this forum so informative and fun. You know who you are!!!! Secondly, having invested in a two post lift to carry out maintenance work.I'm yet to be convinced that the four jacking points are man enough to support the whole car. Especially as the first jacking point i touched came off in my hand. I've refitted it with new rivets. The wooden block approach made inappropiate creaks and groans when the lift took the weight of the car. I have at present suspended the operation until someone can maybe put my mind at rest and convince me this is the right way to go. Thanks in advance Robbie. Ps Anybody want to know about my $20 Lotus shadow boards ebay bargain.
  7. Hello Again, Sorry about leaving half a story. My computers skills are not what they should be. Anyway the car is a 1999 V8GT. 11k on the clock and in Norfolk Mustard. A bit of a story behind the purchase,as i said i looked at all the info i could find about buying, and then went against everything that i found out.As soon as i saw it i had to have it!!!!!!! . Act in haste repent at leisure i think the saying is.So far it has been everything i'd hoped for and more. I could gush on for ages , and i probably will. Thanks for the replies and it feels good to be involved. Robbie
  8. Just thought as i have now fulfilled the dream and got an Esprit ,i would introduce myself. I have been monitoring everything i can find regarding esprit since i seriously began looking. AND
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