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  1. I bought my blue car (in my avatar) from a lady S1 owner. It was her pride and joy 20 years ago. She would cruise around Malibu in it, with a new paintjob, new leather interior, and chromed Wolfraces. Unfortunately, with the passage of time it sat too long, and was in too much disrepair for her to fix. So I bought it...
  2. mikeh

    Oh, Poo !

    The Blue car is undamaged. Still working on the insurance, I've never kept auto insurance on projects in this state before. It does not fall under my homeowner's policy. Also, my agent stated it is not my neighbor's responsibility even though it fell on my property unless I had sent him a certified letter asking him to cut it down (which there were no signs of the tree being dead or damaged). I keep a high deductible anyways, so I may have to just take it on the chin and fix it without involving insurance companies. He is a good neighbor, I think he will try to help make the situation "right".
  3. mikeh

    Oh, Poo !

    Walked outside this morning to see my neighbor's tree fell on two of my S1's. I guess I didn't have enough to do on them already. They are not totaled, but will need fiberglass repairs, obviously. Sigh.............
  4. Jon, Thanks for the info. I live in the same town as TonyK, I bought the Crypton Suede from JoAnn Fabrics, and also we shopped around for shag carpet since my car is mid-late production it most likely had this type of carpet. We ended up finding a close match at Target in their bath mat area of all places. He is making up the pieces for me now. Thanks again, Mike
  5. Your car looks great Jon! I have an original Colorado Orange car here in the States that is a restoration project. Your car gives me much inspiration. Currently I am working on a Roman Bronze S1, and am working on the interior. I've sourced a close match on the carpet but not yet on the seat fabric. Can you tell me where you purchased your seat fabric? Thanks, Mike
  6. Matt, I am in the midst of restoring a Roman Bronze S1, I have a blog in the restoration section. Although its not been updated in awhile there are some pictures of it. I went to a lot of effort to get the correct color. If you have Spies Hecker paints over there I can get you the paint code. Also, I am duplicating the interior as close as possible to marcasite with the help of Tonyk. -Mike
  7. No, this was 20 yrs. ago. They never made it out of the garage.
  8. A friend's garage band was called: 10 inch flaccid
  9. Bibs, I bought 390H outside of ebay (US). I drove all the way to New Orleans Louisiana which is 1004 miles one way. It was an enjoyable trip though, especially because of the anticipation of a new project. I have it stored off site for now because a certain orange car=) (sorry Matt). -Mike
  10. Andy, I am in the midst of a restoration project(s). I have a handful of S1's and I am focusing on completing 469H. I've had it for 5 years. It is a complete restoration project including removing body from chassis. So far, the chassis, body, and engine are restored. I have to install the engine into the chassis then I will install the body onto the chassis, followed by installing the interior that has yet to be re-stitched. I'm planning on having it done for next Spring. My cars pictured in my avatar are completely stripped to the bare fiberglass shell out of necessity because of firewall rot and they were stored outdoors for many years so they are basket cases. I've managed to sandblast and paint both chassis' and related parts. That's all I'm doing for now until 469H is done. A month ago I acquired another project- 390H. I do most of the labor myself. I've been active in the hobby for 15 years with a focus on body/paint work. Good luck with your car, Mike I have a thread in the restoration section, but its not up to date.
  11. Check out 331erock on you tube. He does covers of movie soundtracks and other popular songs that "meet metal." I was blown away. In particular, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Axel F, Terminator, etc. they're all excellent. He has over 100 videos.
  12. I agree with going back to the original color. My S1 was red when I bought it, and I painted it the color it left the factory in- Roman Bronze.
  13. Does anyone over there have a sample of Mint Green L 29? Or, are there any paint guys who could help me track down a valid formula? I have a paint formula in the Spies Hecker brand, however, its been discontinued in the U.S.. Thanks Mike
  14. 272H 1977 S1 Colorado Orange Monclova, Ohio
  15. I'll take that as a challenge, Matt. I'm goimg to do the opposite-original white car to be painted viper green (w/tarten insides). So much green... (out of my wallet).
  16. I have a blog in the Restoration section. I haven't worked on it much since last spring, but now I'm back on it. I'll keep it more up to date if you're ( or anyone else is) interested. I'm also working on Moxie's car (above). Plus, I have a second S1 project after these two.
  17. Is there a crossover to another make/model for the heater controls that go from the levers in the binnacle down to the heater box itself? Or does anyone have spares for sale? This car has one HVAC motor with the smaller trapazoidal access cover not round, if that matters. The VIN is low 200's.
  18. I like to strip off the old lacquer (cellulose) because it is not catalized like a 2k (basecoat/clearcoat or Uethane single stage). Under the sun on a hot summer day the lacquer can swell and then later shrink as the surface temp. cools. This can cause problems with new paint on top of it. Plus laquer checks and cracks like crazy. If you just primer over them you'll evenyually get the cracking through your new paint. Also, it is a good idea to grind out the gelcoat cracks all the way to the fiberglass strands and then use body filler to build the groove back to level. Using a generous amount of acetone on a rag and wiping over a panel will reveal any gelcoat cracks becuase the acetone takes longer to evaporate out of the cracks than over the surface of the panel. This definitely takes longer, but it will make your paint job last longer. Weigh out whether its worth the extra time/money... I don't use lacquer, it is not that readily available over here. Urethane base/clear is durable and has a high gloss.
  19. mikeh


    Hopefully, it's a one-off...
  20. I think the turn signals are farther apart from one aonther than an S1/S2, and their doesn't seem to be any evidence of them being moved. I'd say its an S3.
  21. I have 2 S1's. One is 306H, a '77 and the other is 469H, which may be considered a '78 model year (that is what the sticker in the door jamb says, "this vehicle conforms to all 1978...blah, blah). I'm not an expert on VIN #'s. When Tony K chimes in, he'll clear it up for you. If you can post a picture that would be helpful to determine if its S2 or S3. It's Probably an S2 cause NA S3's are rare/ non existant in the U.S. and S2.2's are even more so. What model Maserati do/did you have, not a Merak by chance, thats next for me on my list of cars to own in my life.
  22. Welcome Mike, I'm in Ohio and there are several owners of early Esprits in the Midwest. I'm in the midst of restoring two S1's now, so if you have any questions fire away. Also, R.D. Enterprises and SJ Sportscars are were I get my parts from, mostly. What model Ferrari did you have? I have a 78 308 GTS right now.
  23. In the theme of green, does anyone know if any Lime Green S1's were ever produced? I am finalizing which color to paint my next project, Lime Green (if there were any) or Mint Green.
  24. I like the slammed baywindow doublecab. I've restored several VW's most were squashed. It would be cool if you mechanically restored the Elite but left the patina to the paint. Have fun with the restoration.
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