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  1. Hi guys i sold my G Esprit two years ago to a really good fellow in the U.K. I have been off the forum for a while but came on quietly to see how things are and it hit me ...I really miss this car , heaven knows why but I just do . i have had some involvement with the building of another iconic car , GT40 in once again another derivative of this vehicle however it is not my cup of tea ..the Esprit continues to impress . I think the real answer is a car that looks the same on a different platform , something modern .. hell I have missed it . richard
  2. richardvg


  3. Pomoz...think Opel Kadett 1990 s cap is the correct thread
  4. Hey Rob ...keeping with the geometary ....I see you have loaded air suspension .Did you make the trail arms floating when you did it ? I have done a few air suspension mods on other vehicles but the Lotus must be real smooth with it .Which kit and shocks did you use ?
  5. Hi guys ( and ladies) I have attached a pic of my distributor . I am looking for one of the pins that hold the spring can see one is broken. There is a nylon washer which is broken ...i call it a "castle washer " If anyone has a schematic diagram on the distributor that would be great . Regards
  6. Is the Land Rover Dizzy the same with exception to the electronic system ?
  7. Hi all Long time no chat took over My dizzy has a problem is the 45D .The pickup on the shaft has an intermediate nylon washer .Through time this nylon washer has become brittle .The washer has ridges in it , designed to space the pickup and stop the pickup from rotating. The previous muppet tried to glue this which does not work ...I kept finding the timing progressively going out . So this spacer/clutch washer ...anyone know where i can get one . Also is anyone aware of any other dizzy that will fit the turbo esprit ? And another thing ...anyone got a decent diagram on
  8. Looks like a Geely trying to emulate a
  9. I think it would be a good combo for Ferrari Kimi/Alonso Maybe it would get Alonso off his ass and make him work harder .....if he believes he is the No 1 driver of course .
  10. Hi Trev Same side all side much you want for it .Give me a price excl shipping
  11. You guys are so spoilt ! Here I have the top setup you can get from the parastatal telecom company one else can get higher as the said company own the hardware . I am guaranteed 1mb/s but up to 4 if I am lucky but remember I pay top money for this !
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