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  1. Hi guys i sold my G Esprit two years ago to a really good fellow in the U.K. I have been off the forum for a while but came on quietly to see how things are and it hit me ...I really miss this car , heaven knows why but I just do . i have had some involvement with the building of another iconic car , GT40 in once again another derivative of this vehicle however it is not my cup of tea ..the Esprit continues to impress . I think the real answer is a car that looks the same on a different platform , something modern .. hell I have missed it . richard
  2. Pomoz...think Opel Kadett 1990 s cap is the correct thread
  3. Hey Rob ...keeping with the geometary ....I see you have loaded air suspension .Did you make the trail arms floating when you did it ? I have done a few air suspension mods on other vehicles but the Lotus must be real smooth with it .Which kit and shocks did you use ?
  4. Hi guys ( and ladies) I have attached a pic of my distributor . I am looking for one of the pins that hold the spring can see one is broken. There is a nylon washer which is broken ...i call it a "castle washer " If anyone has a schematic diagram on the distributor that would be great . Regards
  5. Is the Land Rover Dizzy the same with exception to the electronic system ?
  6. Hi all Long time no chat took over My dizzy has a problem is the 45D .The pickup on the shaft has an intermediate nylon washer .Through time this nylon washer has become brittle .The washer has ridges in it , designed to space the pickup and stop the pickup from rotating. The previous muppet tried to glue this which does not work ...I kept finding the timing progressively going out . So this spacer/clutch washer ...anyone know where i can get one . Also is anyone aware of any other dizzy that will fit the turbo esprit ? And another thing ...anyone got a decent diagram on the dizzy ?
  7. I think it would be a good combo for Ferrari Kimi/Alonso Maybe it would get Alonso off his ass and make him work harder .....if he believes he is the No 1 driver of course .
  8. Hi Trev Same side all side much you want for it .Give me a price excl shipping
  9. You guys are so spoilt ! Here I have the top setup you can get from the parastatal telecom company one else can get higher as the said company own the hardware . I am guaranteed 1mb/s but up to 4 if I am lucky but remember I pay top money for this !
  10. I think that all political arena's are very much the same .The difference in 1st world countries is that the level of politics is sophisticated enough ,coupled with the voters,to ensure a free and democratic election .Picture the Zimbabwe elections just completed ,We (South Africa ) sent the IEC which is supposed to be an independent electoral committee to manage the voting ......firstly there were over a million people on the list that voted ,but they were dead! Come back to SA and see how anyone in the government that has stood up to the existing president is systematically sidelined . It is all about the voters .....even with a constitution that is "strong " it is useless if your voter is ignorant.
  11. Welcome to the forum.I concur with the others ....nice artwork .Have you designed any of your own "ideal cars" that one may view ?
  12. Hey Trev ....still looking for a fuel cap this side .Let me know .
  13. Just one other thing ....the car should have two fans that kick in .if only one kicks in ,you will find that the temp can skyrocket .so check that both are running !
  14. Roger ...rather take the lump out and be done with it .
  15. You can go to town with preventative maintenance however if there are no signs ....I say leave it .
  16. All I know is that if you have the Citroen box ,you should have the pads that fit the Lancia Gamma at the rear .
  17. I know it is all a bit too late however what surprised me is that your insurance company did not request you "scrap " (de register ) the vehicle prior to being paid out > I have had two written off vehicles and i had to de register prior to the funds being forwarded .Our Insurance laws are UK based so there seems to be a problem somewhere terms of the fine ,pay it !
  18. Ok I know why I missed you guys
  19. 13%.......ok so i have been there once .....
  20. Hello Gentlemen and Ladies I have been a bit scarce of late ....had my plate overflowing but back to give the odd comment !See Kimbers quite active on the book with a face though !
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