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  1. Clarification: Personally, I would rather own part interest in 5, 6, ...10 exotic cars than just 1 sitting in the garage. On a shared program, there is always something to drive - this is not intended to be a one car program. If there are multiple owners then it isn't 'just my car' so I don't have the "it's all mine, don't touch" mentality. Better to have others help foot the $8k repair bill too. Yeah, there is repair down time, but that is expected and figured into the program. Fractional ownership is done in real estate, airplanes (jets), yachts, and exotic cars. I am looking to expand an
  2. Hello, This is a 'feeler' to find out how much interest there would be in fractional ownership for an Esprit. For example, 5 owners share in the asset and liability and drive time would be approx 10 weeks per year per owner, less down time for maintenance and transport. All owners would need to be in close proximity - in this case Denver, CO area. Please respond with any interest or comments regardless of where you are located. Thank you.
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