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  1. my '86 HCI turbo will not start. when i turn the key, i hear a click, but the engine won't turn over. starter problem? alternator problem? battery seems to be ok. thanks for your feedback in advance....
  2. My '86 turbo was running at around 1/2 way up the gage at full warm up. Now it is going over 3/4 way up the gage. Is this ok or I need to fix something? thanks...
  3. Hello Mark, I have a '86 HCPI model. When I first bought the car, the previous owner claimed that the engine was recently rebuilt. However, when I received the car, it started backfiring on deceleration. It turned out that the valve guides were the wrong ones during rebuilt. My mechanic put in new valves and proper guides. Never backfired again. I do not know if this is your case, but here is another data point.
  4. Finally got hold of a fuel cap that I was missing from my S3. The new cap is white, so I will need to spray it silver to match my car. Anyone has any good advice for preping the fuel cap for paint? thanks...
  5. I need a fuel filler cap. I see from your website that you have one. What is the cost? thanks
  6. can't find it on e-bay. You sure it is for a S3?
  7. Been trying to get a fuel filler cap for a while for my S3. Lotus dealers want a lot of money for a new one. Does anyone have a lead for an used one? thanks...
  8. thank you all for your comments. I have question about the position of the light switch as I am trying to sort out the switch as well. There are 3 possible settings for the switch; top, middle, and bottom. Is the top position off? Middle for the running lights? Bottom for the dealights?
  9. got the relay out. Any way to test it? Where can I get a new one? I live on the west coast of US. thanks
  10. This kind of makes sense to me. I did leave the car in the rain for a bit shortly before this problem happened. Where is the relay for the tail lights located? thanks...
  11. Stupid question: How do I unplug the switch from the wires? Thanks
  12. A weird thing happen to my '86 S3. While sitting in the garage for a couple of weeks, the exterior lights came on all by themselves, not the head light, but the others. I could not turn these lights off and the battery went dead. Did the switch short out? Where can I get hold of a new one if this is the case? thanks...
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