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  1. Funnily I don't have cruise control on the steering wheel! As I wanted to update that, I'll have to let it check (the earth) - thanks for your ideas. Also noting the time when it happens is a good idea!
  2. Its both paddles failing instantly - I would bet on the software, as I get it to work perfectly after a re-start of the car...
  3. No - it's just completely ignoring any input from the paddles from then on - without the usual warning triangle or any other dashboard lights...
  4. Hi all, after selling my Esprit S4 i treated myself with a 2012 Evora S IPS last year. So far I'm very happy and all minor issues were either "features" or quickly solved. But - there is one issue that starts bothering me, as it occurred already 3-4 times, and I currently can't reproduce it, as it happens rather randomly. When in Sport mode and using the paddles, the car sometimes suddenly ignores any paddle input from one second to the other. Only a restart (turning off and on the engine - or better said: software reset...?) can solve it (until it happens again, which may not even
  5. casewolf


  6. Hello @all! Just wanted to come back and share my experience with you. As it turns out, the "oldest-official-Lotus-workshop" and "Esprit-specialist-garage" failed utterly. I won't drop names, but anyone in Germany knows whom I'm talking about. This is very annoying, because I lost my faith into them. Their behaviour is at the brink of cheating, but I won't say that officially, thats just my feeling about it. Without getting into much detail, I will tell you what I did. I discovered a corrupted hose (the one, that connects the Pump/Accumulator-Assembly with the Powermaster), it was sw
  7. That is great to hear - could be the solution! Well, to be honest, we checked the front left caliper only, as the car is having trouble there. We detached it from the disk an checked the pistons sliding, they were doing so "normally", while I applied the brake carefully. We did that several times to see, if there is any hint of delay or tipping point, but to no avail. Anyhow: Next week the brakes will be disassembled and checked in detail. Keep fingers crossed. But: As I made up my mind about the car - it will be sold anyhow. I cant justify that kind of trouble to me, and I lost c
  8. It seems to turn out we're stuck. Calipers are OK, presuming Master Cylinder failure. We'll check some other things using the workshop manual, but some day we'll stop flogging the dead horse. As I won't be able to convert the car to non-ABS in Germany due to regulatory issues and the originality will be lost, I'm tending to sell the car. Question: Does anyone have any idea where to either get a replacement for the Delco PMIII master cylinder assembly -OR- know somebody able to refurbish them? Thanks!
  9. I second that. And also please try to stay on topic. My favourite setup would be something with an electric vacuum pump, as I don't like to dismiss servo steering. So if anybody has done it successfully, please do us a great favour and show us your results. Some images and a parts list would be perfect. If a small guide comes next to it, even better!
  10. Thanks for all your helpful hints and tips. There are some very informative bits that may indicate where to look at (which I will do and report): After the pump/switch/reservoir-assembly got replaced 3 months ago (!), the pump runs every 2 times (on average) the pedal is pressed. There is some issue with the pressurizing then - I noticed that and already thought that there is a problem. Interestingly the switch doesn't send an error code nonetheless. This will be checked, as it hasn't been ruled out yet. This is my next item to be checked - I will do so. VERY IMPORTANT
  11. Dear forum, I've gone through a long and frightful nightmare (not to mention costs) with my ABS. In the recent years I spent over 2000€ into replacement switch (Ralf Burk, Germany) solenoids (front, both) pressure reservoir endless, costly bleedings by Ramspott&Brandt To no avail. The brakes are crap, either they work mediocre, or the tell tale lamp plays disco, and now: The car pulls to the right when stopping, to an extent that is more than just dangerous. I've decided to either sell the car to someone willing to bother with the brakes or convert it to so
  12. Fabulous! Looks awesome, I lack the money atm but I'd have one in a heartbeat if I were a millionaire ;-)
  13. That was exactly what I did. Besides, no, there wasn't a hollow nut to hold the filter, the filter itself fixates the whole assembly. So it is of utmost importance that it's tight.
  14. Yesterday I fitted an oil stat from PUK Esprit and after fiddling for a while and getting almost a nervous breakdown (mixed up the pipings, but sorted it out finally - to my relief it doesn't seem to matter which way the oil runs through coolers) I filled the engine with oil, and guess what happened: It spilled everything out on the floor . It was partly my fault, partly the items. When delivered, take serious care of the fixing bolts/nuts on the stat. They have to be parallel (and tight!) in order to let the filter tighten the hole assembly correctly. Otherwise the nuts prevent the filter
  15. Mine is 0.7-1 when hot (tickover) and about over 3 going at 3000rpm and higher. Refer to the manual, this is perfectly in range. Should be no less then 0.35 at tickover and min. around 2.4 over 3000 when hot. Cold oil produces higher pressure, obviously. Oil-Type changes pressure as well, I use Castrol RS.
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