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    Per Kristoffersson
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    1985 pontiac fiero - anyone want to trade even for a Giugiaro esprit restoration project?
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  2. Hi guys, I'd like to ask if anyone here is familiar with the manufacturing process for the Esprit and how it evolved over the years. A bit of background to let you know why I'm asking might be in order. I'm being laid off from my job at the R&D department of a whitegoods manufacturer and decided to re-visit an old idea I had of being a teacher. Well, as luck had it, not only was I accepted for the courses I need at the university, right at the beginning of this year I was offered to jump in as a subsitute teacher. The subject I'm teaching in translates roughly to "manufacturing kno
  3. so, does anyone have the dimensions of the Esprit hub? Or know where I could find one at a good price? Any aftermarket upgrade hubs for use with two-piece rotors?
  4. buying über-expensive custom-shop guitars and have them look like they've been used by Clapton or Yngwie for the last few decades... I sort of understand what Munday is saying, it makes a bit of sense, but then again, why would anyone spend that kind of money on a custom guitar and then be afraid to use it? If that's the case maybe they should have reconsidered buying an expensive guitar to start with... Plenty of used guitars around with slight wear on them already if you just don't want to feel bad about adding a scratch to your new guitar. Plus some of them are genuinely old high quality in
  5. Found some information via SKF: The 1976-1980 esprit: Inner bearing: BR8 (L45449/L45410) Outer bearing: BR1 (LM11749/LM11710) 1964-1990 Lotus (exc esprit) Inner bearing: BR4 (L44649/L44610) Outer bearing: BR2 (LM11949/LM11910) 1987-1987 Pontiac fiero Inner bearing: BR4 Outer bearing: BR1 The BR8 and BR4 are the same outer diameter (50,292mm) but the BR8 uses a larger inner diameter (29,000mm vs 26,988mm) so unless the esprit comes with a sleeve on the stub axle the fiero and esprit uprights aren't the same. The hubs might interchange though, considering the outer bearing
  6. The chevette would have been in production between the years 1975-1987 for the chevrolet version, vauxhall chevette production ended in 1984 according to wikipedia. Which would explain why lotus made changes in '85 and pontiac made changes in '88, If those were the uprights they used in the first place.
  7. ...but I have to investigate this anyway. Some time back I read that the early esprit used the same front upright as was used in the 84-87 pontiac fiero (and a few other GM cars like the chevrolet chevette and I suppose the opel kadett and vauxhall chevette), the difference being a bolted-on steering arm as opposed to a cast-in arm for the fiero (and chevy chevette as I understand it). Is there any way for us to verify this? The fiero uses K-LM11749/K-LM11710 and K-L44649/K-L44610 bearings for the front. Would be rather nice if my budget-minded brake upgrades (current iteration using 4th
  8. Anyone know how accurate the s2 chassis drawings found at are?
  9. no problem, I had sort of forgotten about this thread myself until yesterday
  10. just bumping this cause I can't just let it go
  11. IMHO, a Caterham is close enough to being a Lotus that you could allow them to take part in your meetings. After all, they're the evolution of the Lotus Seven and have the historic connection. Wouldn't say the same for Westfield (which IMO seem to be on par with Caterham quality-wise) and the rest of them though. The worst thing that could happen to a car club is getting a reputation of being a bunch of protectionistic a**hats. Why is it that with some clubs you're not welcome as a member unless you own a vehicle of a specific make?
  12. the europa is actually the only lotus I've actually had the opportunity to sit in. it was a very tight fit as I remember it. and that was about 15 years ago could have something to do with the owner being somewhat shorter than me. it did sort of hook me that day though. about those drawings. I've been trying to make a CAD model and noticed a few things: "frame front -P3" is 4.12 inches wide. inside width of "frame front - part 2" is 4.25 inches. "frame front - part 7" is 4 inches. I would think that ideally these measurements should be identical, but then again they might be taking toleran
  13. that would be awesome the resources that can be found on an internet forum are pretty amazing sometimes
  14. Thanks, I'll try to get his attention here's a link to the chassis plans for anyone who might be interested
  15. a while back I found a set of drawings in pdf-format for the europa s2 frame. Maybe some of you guys have them as well? anyone know how accurate they are? was toying with the idea of building a frame and putting a banks bodyshell on it, but if the drawings aren't accurate enough I might need to rethink that idea... if nobody knows what drawings I'm talking about I'll get you a link tomorrow. cheers!
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