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  1. More fun that dieting, work on an Esprit, you will be a lean mean, fighting machine,
  2. Had to give him £50 plus a dog biscuit thats why Sparky is having so much fun lying underneath it
  3. I have to agree with Andy, i drive my car most days, its not a garage queen ! plus i don`t have a garage
  4. Thought Esprit`s could go under the sea without rusting!! Unless it was film trickery ?
  5. Must be your feminine side coming taking control again
  6. On Wednesday OAP discounts
  7. Last time i went to KwikFit, they told me my pads need changing! thought these pads were discrete, bloody things, must be leaking!!!
  8. Disc`s in spine? thought they were those new fangled things that won`t work on my gramophone
  9. Every time i have been to KwikFit, been told disc`s are cracked/ warped need to be replaced anyone else found the same?
  10. Hi all, any one used or know, a good 4 wheel alignment centre in Kent? Cheers
  11. Tight squeeze, long day ! with disappointment on leaking manufactured joint! Return trip to Watford Exotics
  12. Dunton Green nr Sevenoaks around 11ish this morning
  13. Eynsford to Otford around 5 30 pm
  14. Silver Esprit reg ????ESP just before lunch going towards Riverhead nr Sevenoaks. Red Esprit after 2pm coming from Riverhead
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