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  1. temple


    Sad unloved white Elite? on flatback recovery vehicle On A21 near Tonbridge pulling into lay by, lunch time
  2. temple

    Purple Esprit

    Near Sevenoaks this morning around 11ish
  3. It`s a Lotus, 1 step forward 2 maybe 3 back, again Watford Exotics, sorted it, Cheers Sparky
  4. More fun that dieting, work on an Esprit, you will be a lean mean, fighting machine,
  5. Had to give him £50 plus a dog biscuit thats why Sparky is having so much fun lying underneath it
  6. I have to agree with Andy, i drive my car most days, its not a garage queen ! plus i don`t have a garage
  7. Thought Esprit`s could go under the sea without rusting!! Unless it was film trickery ?
  8. Must be your feminine side coming taking control again
  9. On Wednesday OAP discounts
  10. Last time i went to KwikFit, they told me my pads need changing! thought these pads were discrete, bloody things, must be leaking!!!😲😭
  11. Disc`s in spine? thought they were those new fangled things that won`t work on my gramophone
  12. Every time i have been to KwikFit, been told disc`s are cracked/ warped need to be replaced anyone else found the same?
  13. Hi all, any one used or know, a good 4 wheel alignment centre in Kent? Cheers
  14. Tight squeeze, long day ! with disappointment on leaking manufactured joint! Return trip to Watford Exotics
  15. Dunton Green nr Sevenoaks around 11ish this morning
  16. Eynsford to Otford around 5 30 pm
  17. Silver Esprit reg ????ESP just before lunch going towards Riverhead nr Sevenoaks. Red Esprit after 2pm coming from Riverhead
  18. Locked out of my Merc once, local locksmith,used sucker tool , then airbag to lower glass cost £25
  19. That's a frightening thought,
  20. Thats ok, payback times for the many times, you have sorted my Esprit.
  21. Trip up M25 to have TPS fitted , all going great THEN rough idle ,no tick over,!!!!!!!!! Bemused Sparkey looked concerned , he replaced AIV couple of months ago. But in that Aladdin's cave he calls a garage, he had one ,installed it, back along M25 car running great
  22. If your not sure of which shade of yellow ! mine has 50 shades to choose from !!!
  23. Tools used, Disc cutter, various large sockets, ferking long bar, needle file, spanners to remove catalytic exhaust pipe, LOTS of swearing BUT Sparky never gave up !!! after a few hours had old 02 sensor out, after hour or so new sensor in!!! Exhaust back on fired up Free Scanned, runs like a dream
  24. Did say That`s a different story, no doubt Sparky will elaborate.
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