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  1. Hi Jacques, Thanks for your reply,/ idea, driven about 400 miles since flat battery. Once engine has warmed up ( around 1 mile, car goes great no rough tick over) If parked for few hours ,and started fires up ok without any problems! Just have problem, starting on cold engine!!!!
  2. Have problem, on GT3, on startup from cold, very lumpy, bad tick-over ,impossible to pull away for few minutes !!!! Sparky free scanned car no faults found, Can an GT3 be remapped? problem with chip, ? Even sprayed plug leads with WD40 Any thoughts?
  3. temple

    211 ?

    211 Green/Yellow Bat & Ball nr Sevenoaks 5 30 this afternoon
  4. temple

    Black Evora

    Sevenoaks High Street around 3-30 pm
  5. Sunday August 12th, will your car be finished by then?
  6. Sorry never heard any experts mention Polystyrene used behind cladding, i read it was Polyurethane Likewise you can put a match to any flammable material ! it would burn
  7. Having worked on high rise flats/apartments,with multiracial,tenants/owners," no i am not racist" But many have very large pans of hot oil on hobs, which cover control knobs on the hob,letting gas through burners Rather than check on the cladding,check inside! rumours circulating, that a fridge caught alight! It would take many hundred of degrees of heat to set the cladding ablaze "which is on the outside!" i know builders make holes for cables, vents etc, But the fire started from the inside! NO i do not install cladding, Dare i ask could a bomb making cell, caused an explosion ? again i am NOT racist more being realistic in these present times Just my own thoughts,
  8. temple


    Black Evora going towards Bromley around 3 45pm
  9. Clacket Lane/Cobham services convoy to MBW as last year
  10. You could always listen to Shan, for a change.
  11. Yes you could spend a Pharaoh load of money on it
  12. temple

    Esprit on TV

    In Martine McCutcheon video, singing On the radio, Also on youtube
  13. temple


    Black Evora, this morning M25 anti. clockwise turned off J3 Swanley,
  14. temple

    The Donald.

    Just realised why the USA, has financial problems, nobody works, everyone, is waving a placard, or attending rallies for either Clinton, or Trump
  15. temple

    The Donald.

    How many people live in America ? Are these two the best they can come up with,
  16. temple

    The Donald.

    Does ( locker room talk ) actually exist ? or, do men talk about food, drink, traffic, or even cars ?
  17. Around 4 15pm Riverhead nr Sevenoaks
  18. Nothing on tv, but Olympics, so will pop along
  19. Are you posting this event on the playground forum??
  20. Visiting Watford Exotics ?
  21. Have a GT3, you can try Dare i say M25, J4 Sevenoaks
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