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  1. Del turn off Sat Nav Try A25 through Westerham, Seal, Borough Green, Wrotham, Larkfield, But take a packed lunch
  2. I will be driving past a cafe at 8.30 on Sunday on Detling Hill might just pop in for a cup of coffee
  3. Hi Vis Jacket , paperwork, and clipboard ready for car park meet, just in case
  4. No more sexual innuendo`s please
  5. Well Gary your a cheap date just breakfast ! Thought you would dinner then the car park ??
  6. Dogging in a Lotus ? Bibs can get in and out in 7 seconds ?
  7. When I meet other Lotus owners for meeting at Newlands at Tesco or Clackets am I breaking the law ?
  8. Meeting at Mickey's Rock Café, top of Detling Hill, on Sunday morning, 29th May.

    On the A249, on the left, just past the Kent County Showground, ME14 3HT

    08.00 - midday, or whenever you get there.

    Cafe is open from 07.00.

    All TLF/Lotus welcome! This could become a regular meet if enough people support it, so please make an effort!

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    1. makkyh


      My car is with Mike at LotusbIts but as soon as I get it back you can rely on my future support.





  9. Count me in, see you around 9ish,
  10. Black Horse in Thurnham ?
  11. Do you need air con in Margate? or is the car filled with hot air from occupants
  12. Old joke what key open`s any lock ? A Pikey
  13. temple


    Hang on, were driving passed a shop window at the time No only one shade of yellow on this Esprit
  14. temple


    Yellow Esprit, going into Bluewater
  15. Will pop into Clackets around 8 20 Make a convoy well a small one
  16. Hi Steve, hope you bring your SE Last meet at Newlands my GT3 the only Esprit in the car park amongst, all those Evora`s,Elise`s,and Exige`s
  17. Yes like most mornings being eaten off my naked body as usual Now our secret breakfast meetings are no longer a secret,
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