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  1. Yes like most mornings being eaten off my naked body as usual Now our secret breakfast meetings are no longer a secret,
  2. temple


    Grey Evora in Kemsing (parked)
  3. Re -caravan clip, the time lost to let caravan driver in, would be nothing compared to time taken to sort out crash,! What about the motorists stuck behind them all for the sake of a minute to let him in
  4. An International and European Jet Setter called Sparky ! He rebuilt my carbs and tuned them on my 91 carb turbo
  5. Hi not sure if this will work with an S3 ? But the rear hatch gets stuck on my GT3 i insert a couple of CDs between hatch and back of body and lever GENTLY
  6. Its a mirror image of the garage at Watford Exotics
  7. Yellow Esprit in underground car park at Bluewater Shopping Centre
  8. Cheers Dominic, when i can find my specks, will carry on reading Silver headed Surfers, Not the surf board type
  9. I can just about turn this PC on, still have trouble with DVD player So no way have faintest
  10. I can just about turn this PC on, still have trouble with DVD player So no way have faintest
  11. Any one fancy meeting at Clackets on Sunday for a convoy to MB World?
  12. temple

    2- ELEVEN

    Just outside Westerham Kent around 2 30 pm
  13. HI, i joined, because unknown, persons, kept putting Spotted Cards under my windscreen wiper Glad i went on line to find out, who the Hell these people are? Now i spend time with a wonderful group, of people, and very useful info on Esprit`s
  14. My Daughter giving birth to my second Grandchild this afternoon at 1 34pm
  15. NO doubt they will put it down as expenses
  16. Hi Chris, not sure, will drive passed tomorrow and see if its still for sale
  17. Around 2 00pm in Swanley Kent Burnt Orange anyone here ?
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