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  1. Hi Erik Sorry regarding the colour of your GT3 Hard to tell under the amount of grime
  2. temple


    Grey Evora, Tesco car park 9.45 pm Riverhead nr Sevenoaks
  3. Well done Bibs and Laura, Another well organised event,as usual. Weather great, food and drink, plentiful, good to meet up with everyone Again great Car-B-Q
  4. 1 & 2: Bibs & Laura - Elise (or maybe something different!) 3 & 4 Sparky & Tracy - Esprit GT3 5 Trevsked - it's a month away, who knows. 6 & 7: SWLC & Ellie - Elan SE or Merc S500 8: Keith - Elise S1 9 Simon and his Bitch... Lotroen 'D'S4.... Don't worry, I know where to park it 10 & 11. Pete & Sue 12. & 13. Alex & Rebekah - GT3 RS or Challenge Stradale 14. Graham Esprit Turbo 15. Jimi GT3 16 & 17 - Simon & Kelly - Honda Elise or 996 GT3 18 & 19 - Sizona & Jenny - Evora or Esprit (or 340r?) 20 Temple - GT3
  5. temple

    WHITE S3

    London bound A20 nr Brands Hatch 2ish
  6. Bacon roll with brown sauce What other reason do you need to turn up
  7. Anyone here brought LOT 436 White Esprit Turbo ? At the Historic Car Auction on Saturday 7th June ? Sold for £7,500
  8. temple

    EVORA Kemsing

    Parked on road in Kemsing nr Sevenoaks
  9. Hi, Just in case anyone is looking for a chrome orange Evora? Give Lancaster in Sevenoaks a ring one for sale in used car forecourt,
  10. Well done Bibs and Laura, Wonderful day despite the weather, Few more pictures How to exit an Elise
  11. White S3 parked in Brasted Red Carb Turbo being driven through Westerham
  12. temple

    Orange Exige

    Between J3 /J4 M25 clockwise 4.30pm
  13. Hi All any thoughts on meet up places? ie Clackets Services if coming clockwise on M25 /M26
  14. Sorry to leave so early but felt really nauseous, not the company i hasten to add, Drove home locked car then threw up, thank God not in the car
  15. If musky and steaming up, and near the coast , harbour village??? flood damage perhaps
  16. Hats off to Sparky, not forgetting Hawk Eye aka Trevor, Tricky job, but having two of the best Lotus mechanic`s at hand helps feel nauseous after all that sucking up, yes sucking up!!!!!!!! BEHAVE please Give the GT3 good blast up the M25 No leaks
  17. H reg Looking at Aston Martin`s garage forecourt Sevenoaks 9 45 pm Had chat with Mark the owner also drives an Elise He will be checking out TLF website
  18. temple

    White Turbo

    Hi Cameron, well done and welcome to the Forum, your location?
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