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  1. Hey Travis It is the one in the second picture that fits the S4S. The part number matches the item I need. I have placed the order for that and hope it will be in good shape when I get it. This will eliminate any distortion from the old one which will affect the translator adjustment. Thanks as always Ameer
  2. Hi All of you are on the mark. Now that I have taken out the boot floor as it is cracked, the frame that holds the exhaust is bent on the side where the car was hit. I removed the exhaust to have a better view to the frame, it looks square looking down from the top except for the left side exhaust mounting point. Therefore if that the case then this frame has to be straightened first and check for square before any adjustments are done. BTW both the mounting rubber bracket for the muffler mount are broken ( metal part off the rubber ) Pictures of the bent muffler bracket
  3. Hi Everyone Some of you by now will know that I had a mishap in my Lotus S4S recently. I hydroplaned and hit a lamp post on the rear bumper. Good news Insurance adjuster said it can be repaired so no write off. Any way now I noticed that my gear change is not somewhat correct. I have trouble getting into 1st gear and as for reverse I can shift over and down without having to lift the coller and it goes into reverse. PS car was in 2nd gear when I crashed. Now it could be when I hit the bumper this could have jolted my translator. I am not sure what I should be looking for. D
  4. Hi Everyone Update on my experience with Nito NT05 which were fitted last week. Have only done less than 300 miles on 2 different days of driving, I had my car lose control and hydroplaned for about 100 yards and finally hitting a lamp post and coming to rest. This is what exactly happened, I slowed down to 25mph to enter the toll booth and with a easy pass continued to drive out and once I put my gas on the car it started to sway left and right and I could not control the steering to drive out of it. It took less than 3 seconds for the car to hit the lamp post to come to a stop and
  5. Hi Travis I did think that too hence the question to be sure. Anyway spoke to my tire fitters and changed the tires to Nito NT5 which are available in the correct sizes for the V8 AWI wheels. So will have them fitted on Monday once I pick up the wheels from the wheel repair shop. Getting them powder coated as they have been long due for 15 years. Thanks for your advise much appreciated as always. Ameer
  6. Hi Everyone I am changing my tires on the s4s. Staying with Michellin as they do seem to perform well. This time the sizes I need are not quite what I can get to match front and rear. So I am going to fit 245/40/17 in the front and 285/35/17 in the rear as those are available to match front and rear. Will using 245 for the front affect the car driving or is it ok. The wheels are AWI. will it make my steering heavy on slow turns as parking. Greatly appreciate any input or comments that may be important. Thanks Ameer
  7. Hi You can look up Esprit Engineering website. They helped me with my front springs. I also found out that they have oem shocks for front and rear as I have recently purchased and put my S4S back to stock. Give them a look. PS I am originally from Rainham,Gillingham Kent, now residing in florida USA
  8. Hi Jacques Thanks for the help, I managed to get a new set of front springs shipped from UK. Regards Ameer
  9. Hi Everyone Does anyone have original stock front springs for the Esprit S4S 1995. I need them to replace as the old ones were modified ( cut short to lower the front ) The alignment guy recommends I put the original springs back so he can do his job as lotus intended for correct alignment specs. As usual greatly appreciate any help. Thanks Ameer
  10. KVJ 786

    KVJ 786

  11. Hi everyone I have Spax adjustable front and rear shocks fitted with existing springs. The front is adjusted to the lowest setting and wheel arch gap looks higher. I read somewhere that I will need to change the front springs to be able to lower it then adjust the ride height to spec. Eibach 8" springs are mentioned for this. Does anyone know the exact part number so I order the correct one. The one I found is 8" 2.5" inside diameter 300 lbs. Is that the correct one for the 95 Esprit S4s? Now do I also need to change the back springs as they also have the old springs in use. If
  12. Hi Everyone My Lotus S4s is now braking straight once again after a few jobs done to eliminate the problem. From my last post with the brakes pulling to the left I had been given advice what to check and I did those. But the fault was still there. This is what was done in stages and eliminated one by one to solve the car pulling to the LEFT when braking hard. 1) Brake fluid was flushed and bled whole system ( no fix ) 2) Went over to Jim Knowles ( Lotus4s ) and check all brake solenoids using tech 1 tool no fault found. Suggested brake lines may be suspect. 3) Al
  13. Hi Everyone I have still been trying to locate this dreaded pressure switch, and it seems once again I am close to getting one or more if it is the correct part. I need an actual picture of the switch showing the connector. If anyone has one out then please send pictures. Thanks Ameer
  14. Hi I was up at Jim (Lotus4s) and he checked out the master cylinder operation using the Tec 1 tool. The solenoids tested ok and we bled the front system. Still no fix and was suggested could be brake lines. I changed both the front brake lines with the stainless type and bled the system. Both sides the fluid came out clean with all air bubbles cleared from the lines. Took the car our for a test run and yet again pulled to the left when on hard braking. If brake slowly no pull at all. That rules out bad brake lines. Well looks like caliper will be next on the list to refurb. Neve
  15. Hi Does anyone know what type of metal valves are used on the AWI wheels. Any part number would be great help. I then may be able to source it in the US. Thanks as usual. PS Getting wheels painted soon so want to remove all tires off, so best to change valves.
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