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  1. JA velkommen her på TLF også.... VI er en del danske Esprit ejere her. /Kim
  2. Is it a must to show our tools! I have no silver spanner and the gold wrench is to heavy. What about theese fishing instruments ...
  3. Sneaking around in the dark night as usual!
  4. MJK Bibs Rachel Cliff Sparky Madame Sparky ChrisJ DanE Martyn Dave Ex Ann Ex (Venison well done please) Mr internets Mrs internets C8RKH Yasuo Andrew C Mark T SJ Kimbers Cherie Dave Karen Laura
  5. Weeee.... Hotel booked a week ago! Bibs Rachel Cliff Sparky Madame Sparky ChrisJ DanE
  6. Danish F16 Fighting Falcon in Danish Flag livery celebrating the flags 800 year anniversary, looking at a Russian Spy Plane on the border of danish airspace!
  7. Wow, already 5 years ago, on this very day. Lets celebrate and do it once again! /
  8. Hotel booked, Meal chosen! Flight come later!! /Kim
  9. That is a German DKW or Auto Union. The firs car with the four Audi Rings.... I can see the four rings on the hub caps, so it is an Auto Union... /Kim
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