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  1. For the record, these guy's are from Norway. Don't blame the swedes for all! /Kim
  2. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas! Seem's we got it this year!
  3. As seen here from the COP15 summit in Copenhagen, I would prefer "The Trans Atlantic Highway" /Kim
  4. SCC082910JHD13303 Black, 1988, ESPRIT TURBO Kim Poulsen, Copenhagen, Denmark


    Yeah! maybee you are right!


    Try it in swedish! /Kim
  7. Window cleaner!! found him! .
  8. Yasuo I understand your concern about the question raised by the seller, but when he sees your payment in his Paypal account, it states verified og not verified. If as I presume your card/account is not verified the seller ask for some proof that you the one you claim to be, if shipment goes wrong. In Denmark we verify the card used in Paypal acording to your adress given to the card issuer/bank. If I were you I would start the verification process with Paypal and get it done. Remember if you use a Mastercard or other not directly connected to your bank account, the transaction will first be shown on the next monthly transaction list. So it could take up to a month to do it. Worth waiting avoid some suspection from sellers. If you need more info call me. Safe shopping. /Kim
  9. BIG7 007 Could you check your pictures in the "esprit bought for
  10. I totally aggree with you Paul! What else could be the reason for all these Caterhams visiting Hethel 2 years ago? Guess you newer have seen so many sevens at one place at the time. There was 500 and 70% was Caterhams. /Kim
  11. Laura, instead of printing to paper, why not do it to a PDF file and mail it to me? My color laser will be happy to do the job and save the money! /Kim
  12. No Laura, this is the real one!

    Saturday night

    1 & 2: Bibs & Laura 3: GGHC87 4: Kimbers 5: Yasuo 6 & 7: Paul C & Vicki 8: Matk 9: Robert Crooks 10: Alex 11 & 12: Paul & Sarah 13: Martyn 14 & 15: Jukka & Sissi 16 & 17: Matt & Jo 18 & 19: Simon & Lisa 20 & 21: Sparky & Tracy 22 & 23: Chris + Sam 24: Bazza 907 25: James (Tentenths) 26.&27: Felix & the Mrs! 28 internets 29.& 30: GC1 + Mrs. 31: Kim.Poulsen / Kim
  14. 1) Alex --GT3-- 2&3) Paul C 'n' Vicki 4) Ian - mayesprit (Sunday only) 5) Mark B (Sunday only) 6) matk 7) Kimbers (Sat/Sunday) 8) GGHC87 9) Yasuo 10) Robert Crooks 11&12) Ade & Gina (not sure when yet) 13&14) Paul & Sarah Fri/Sat/Sun 15) Martyn 16&17) OwenGT3 + One (Sunday only) 18&19) Hopo + some floosy (Sat or Sun) Maybe both 20&21) Sparky & Tracy Sat/Sun 22&23) Matt & Jo (Sat evening & Sunday) 24&25) Tobi, Sell, Calypso 26&27) Mark & Sandra (LooseCannon) Sat only 28) Dragi, Sat only - my daughter Jenny-Loraine has First Communion on Sunday 29) Bazza 907 30&31) GC1 + 1 Sat Only. 32&33) Jukka & Sissi Fri/Sat/Sun- hope to find something to do on Mon-Tue 34,35&36) purza + 2 kids (sunday only) hopefully 37&38) Simon & Lisa 39&39)karl & justine (sunday only for a quick look) 40&41) felix and the Missess will be there Sat-Sun 42&43 Dave Freeman and Megan will be there, not sure if Sat or Sun 44) internets Sat / Sun 45) Trevsked (Sat) 46) Tentenths (Sat & Sun) 47 & 48) Newts & Mrs for Sunday (car permitting) 49 & 50) Mr_John111 and Boots + 2 kids (one day only most likely saturday) 51) Kim.Poulsen (fri, sat & sun) / Kim
  15. Thanks for the kind welcome. Yes Yasuo needs someone to look after him, Beeing so far from home! Pictures of the car is not what I have the most of. I bought it with assistance of some friends i have i Devon who drove up to Swindon to take a look at it. They reported back to me that the car was fair for the price and then i sent some money and arranged SWLC to pick it up. The only picture i have is one from behind, but this is where most of you will see it, so here it is! More to come when i get it home and sees it in real life! / Kim
  16. Hello Everyone! After being around in the background for some months now, I take this opportunity to say hello! I met some of you at the Lotus 60 year anniversary and enjoyed af few beers at the Dunston Hall. After looking for quite some time I have finally found a black 1988 Esprit Turbo. It is now on its way to SWLC to have a C-service and a new echaust manifold. Later next month i will take it to Denmark. This is my second Lotus. I have a Seven S1 which I love to drive, so I hope the Esprit will give me just as much joy! See you around! Regards from / Kim
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